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Sebastian Vettel

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    Here he goes again, wrecking yet ANOTHER driver’s race. He is fast becoming a liability, and needs to be brought to book NOW!!

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    I find it funny how Vettel used to be held up as this great role model, far better than that arrogant, impetuous, dangerous Hamilton. Now who’s the one taking people off the track at high closing speeds and sulking even when finishing in gifted positions (fair play for his apology today though, even if he then went on to blame Liuzzi for their scrap)?

    Someone said it in the race article comments, Vettel’s learning curve seems to have turned into a circle. Brundle said in the race he lost last year’s championship because of rash mistakes and he’s going to knock himself out of contention for this year’s for the same reason.

    Monza will be damage limitation but if Vettel can’t win one of the next two races after that it’ll be game over for another year, I think. Maybe it’ll help make him a better driver.

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    I disagree. Whilst it was 100% his fault, it was an honest mistake and could have happened to anyone. It was dangerous or reckless like I’ve heard some people saying- it was 100% a racing incident on a wet track.

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    Whilst it was 100% his fault, it was an honest mistake and could have happened to anyone.

    Except it happened to Vettel. Again. And again.

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    His mistakes are an effect of the pressure being placed on him to not only perform, but to be the next Schumacher. A lot of commentators expected him to completely dominate the field, especially considering he has the best car. I think he is just cracking under that pressure. Somehow Hamilton managed to cope well with similar expectations, but even he made a lot of mistakes that cost him wins and titles.

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    I still think there’s hope for Vettel. Hamilton made his fair share of mistakes (in all sorts and varieties) and look at him now. He’s far more mature this year than he ever was. It’s only this year that Hamilton has started to grow on me a little. Before that, he was also some boy wonder, under pressure to perform, which probably led to some awkward situations aswell.

    Hopefully, he goes Hamilton’s path and not Schumi’s path. He has the talent, he has had some spectacular drives in the past. Now it’s a question of maturing.

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    People are far too harsh on the lad! Yes hes inexperienced..but you can’t fault his determination. He deserves his seat and will be world champion one day very soon.

    He’s as cemented at RBR as Hamilton is to McLaren so they won’t exactly be able to come down on him like a tonne of bricks. Who would they replace him with?

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    Yes he messed up, probably on other occasions before this incident, however there is one thing I still maintain. Vettel is the best driver on the current grid (if you count Schumacher in his current form), and I have absolutely no doubt that he will be a multiple World Champion.

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    Here’s a question: what happens if Red Bull stop having such a superior car in 2011?

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    Then Vettel’s stuck and won’t be champion unless he jumps ship but even then most of the big teams have a competitive line up so he’d find life hard.

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    Reading Coultards Telegraph article above I find myself agreeing with the comments below it more than the article itself.

    However Red Bull are chosing to manage Vettel (seemingly by massaging his ego and telling him his many screw ups are not his fault) clearly isn’t working for him. Maybe if the team openly screemed at him “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? YOUVE GOT TO STOP F*!#%$G IT UP” instead of all this nicely nicely rubbish it could actually help him. A different sort of motivation is clearly required.


    I love Vettel. He’s a nice lad, but I wish he didn’t make the mistakes he keeps making.

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    People are only this harsh on Vettle now because he was such big news when he won for Torro Rosso. And the hype just got bigger throughout 09. Small crowd was going he’s not won anything that wasn’t from pole has he, an has anyone seen him overtake, or take over a race not just win it through a controlling lead?

    An that came Bah and Aus and Sep an people were alll OMG! REAL DEAL: CHAMPIONZ an still a small section though huh? It seems to be the car mostly, he is trashing Webber though, then came Spain and Monaco and that became untrue, Turkey which remains the defining point of the season and one of the most dramatic and tense races ever, an p[erception started turning. It’s now been shown he can’t cope with bad luck, or overtake inferior cars cleanly. He couldn’t take the Ferraris at his home race, where he may well have had the pace to do so, I reckon a Kub Ham or Alo could have won that race from third on the first lap.

    Regardless I’ve never considered Vettle to be “among one of the best of his generation” his skill set is that of a quali specialist, he can put in amazing one lap pace and controll a race from the front but what else? Hamilton and Alonso seem to be best rounded of the current gen, both have an amazingly broad range of strengths they can both do what Vettle does, but when fate throws them a swerve they can fight through the feild, fight at the front, gain important positions under preassure, resist enourmous pressure from behind and speed up and slow down when required. Button Vettled for the first 7 races of 09 untill his quali woes started, but he almost always finished higher than he qualied, how often can you say that for Vettle. Kubica has never had a top car, although he may now get one with Renault slowly rejoining the elite an yet he’s 5 points down on Massa and his F10.

    This year I rate Vettle at sixth or seventh, an theres no sign to me that he’s anywhere near as talented as Ham Kub and Alo. Don’t really know compared to But Web and Ros but it’s interesting if you consider where he might be in their cars.

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