Senna to replace Trulli at Lotus next year?

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    Just one question: why? Assuming Trulli actually wants to stay on next year, why would you chose Senna over him?



    You wouldn’t is the short answer i think. Senna has been one of the dissapointments of the season for me – outraced by Chandhok and outpaced by Yamamoto and Klien who hadnt driven for ages recently. I’d have Trulli any day.



    Well, since Lotus should be comfortably a Mid-Team next season I wouldn’t put Senna in there. He is, as Nick says been a disappointment, Trulli gives pace and experience. Senna provides silly mistakes and a slow pace. Chandhok would be good in my opinion for that seat.



    Senna has been disappointing but I’d like Trulli to go. He’s had his time in F1 and it’s about time someone else had a go.



    Senna F1 chance was somewhat ruined by what happened in Singapore, for Klien to outpace him like that, he ain’t going anywhere, before it was all inconclusive.

    Lotus have been very astute so far on drivers, they’ve given there Malaysians a crack at the whip on certain days to please the sponsers but there’s never been any suggestion that they’ll actually put one in the car. There’s also never been any suggestion that they need the money, or the publicity of signing the Senna name, a name that doesn’t have the same allure as it had before the season..

    Lotus seems to have gone for the best they could get so far, why stop now? They’d probably be able to get Glocks signature if they tried for it, personally I don’t see why they’d drop Truli at this stage, Kovies out doing him but he’s still capable of sensational qualifying pace, I’d still drop him for Glock though, who really is sensationally wasted at Virgin, he’s got so much talent, especially with high fuel.

    Lotus will only sign a rookie if he’s super exciting, otherwise it looks they want the proven and the experianced, hence their expensive current line up, why they’d sign Senna is beyond me.



    I mostly agree with Scribe.

    I think Senna has been good though. fair enough Karun finished ahead of him sometimes but Bruno generally looked quicker the porlbme with the new teams is at the start especially it was more about reliability than skill so for me, Senna was the better driver. He’s also beating Yamamoto mostly. The big problem was Klien came along and really shwoed him up. I don’t rate Klien much but he’d been out of racing for so long and all of a sudden was ridiculosuly faster, under normal circumstances that shouldn’t be happening. So again, I agree with Scribe with the point he made about Singapore.

    I don’t think Lotus should drop Trulli. I like Trulli but I’d lvoe a young rookie to come in and have a shot but for the team he’s probably the best bet. On a Saturday he can produce magic and Kovy isn’t really beating him by that much. His experience and skill especially at getting the car right on a Saturday could be really valuable while Lotus grow.



    There are rumours ticking round that of their two drivers, Barrichello is being nudged to go for Maldonado’s money. That’s probably just a negotiating tactic, but I think if he does go, then Lotus would be mad not to sign him up. He’s a good driver, and his development skills are second to none (which is why Williams would be bonkers to let him go – they’ve lost the technical end of their team over the past 10 years, not their drivers per se.)



    Trulli still drives better than most of the rookies. What’s the point of letting a old driver go just to have a slower younger driver in the car? And besides, Trulli has always been a qualifying specialist; something these new kids can’t get right most of the time.



    Trulli has had his time. If his replacement is rubbish, eventually there will come along someone who’s not. But at least they’ll have a chance to prove otherwise instead of languishing in HRT or Virgin because a journeyman won’t go.



    Is it just me? But Lotus are continuing to revive their connections with the past. They are on a campaign to revive a legend. Senna + Lotus = Black and Gold. As in, gold mine? Now I’m not a marketing person, but there seems to be a lot of Lotus engineered serendipity going on.

    Personally I’d be willing to give Senna the benefit of the doubt, and stick him in a car if I was Lotus. The sponsors would love it! If only John Player would diversify in to something different to get around the tobacco rules. Something, special. Like black and gold paint?

    ( That’s if Imperial who own John Player, could pull a bunny out of their hat of course )

    *day dreams..*


    Fer no.65

    I’d like Trulli to go. It’s been enough. Put Timo in his place, and you get a sensational driver lineup for a new team.



    Senna doesn’t fit in at all with Mike Gascoyne’s or Fernandes’ system of running their team – They’re not going to put in a slow, unproven rookie (or 2nd season new boy) into their car this year for money or PR, when they know that results will always get you more money and PR than any pay driver can in the long run. Lotus said they have a 5 year plan, and everything they’ve said publicly about the way they’ll run their team, they’ve stuck to. That very clearly included having two experienced competitive drivers to drag the team along and guarantee results. Fundraising, marketing, PR, that’s a different side of the team, and Fernandes has proved to be excellent at that. Senna doesn’t give them anything on the driver’s end of things.



    Lotus, to be taken seriously next year need podium finishers in their line-up. They’ve had a good year built up on the experience of their drivers. It would be silly for them to throw that away when they have a chance to really threaten some teams next year.

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