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F1 discussion

Should Massa get a new car?

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    So another abysmal performance from Massa. He still has no idea why both cars are not performing the same. Should Ferrari just swap the cars? Give him yet another new car?

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    Give him yet another new car?

    Yes. A taxi.

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    I can’t believe Ferrari actually gave him a new car in the first place. I like Felipe, and I think he’s a good driver, but I believe Ferrari is tired of waiting on him. Unless they let him go before the end of the season, this will be his final year with the Ferrari.

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    “Still, I refuse to believe that Massa’s car was in perfect conditions, he was doing 286 k/h while Petrov was 302 k/h, too great a difference to be just the driver.”

    I (or rather, a redditor) mentioned this somewhere else. It was on the Brazilian cast, so I can’t know for sure if that is true or not, but if it is then maybe something smells fishy.

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    @Pamphlet What do you mean by It was on the Brazilian cast.

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    @carnivorouspope – “Brazilian broadcast”

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    Shouldn’t the question be;
    Should car 6 get a new driver?
    Come in #6 your time is up.

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    There was a huge problem with both chassis no. 293 and 294 that seriously hampered the pace of the car; it was located between the steering wheel and the driver’s seat, and I don’t think the Ferrari engineers will have it repaired by China.

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    @kingshark That must be it! Massa didn’t dare to drive fast because of a shoddy seatbelt.

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    This topic is essentially the same as an existing one, Will Felipe Massa finish the season with Ferrari? I’m closing this one, so please continue the discussion there.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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