Should points be awarded for pole and fastest lap?

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    Felipe Bomeny

    This is pretty straightforward; points are allocated to drivers in junior formulae for fastest lap/pole position. What if this was to come to Formula One? Obviously points for pole may be unfair if there is one dominant qualifting car (cough, Red Bull, cough) but a point for fastest lap could create great last-lap racing- and drama, as drivers would scramble at the closing stages to nab an important extra point.



    Or it could also block out overtakes; a la Vettel in the middle of 2010. He used to back out massively at the penultimate lap and put in a pole-blinding effort on the last lap to nab fastest lap


    Keith Collantine


    No. With the current economy, how good would it look if half the field would pit with few laps to go for fresh tyres just for one silly point?



    Vettel’s title lead is the perfect example why that’s a bad idea – perhaps he would go to Suzuka qualy with engine mapping set in a way that the car would give up after 5 laps, as he’d only need pole to win the title. That’d be terrible.

    The fastest lap point is much worse than the pole position point though – everyone’s going for pole anyway, plus they’re all on low fuel. The fastest lap point would be even worse, much worse.



    I don’t think it should ever be introduced to Formula One. This kind of thing works in formulae like touring cars, or lower down single seaters because the cars tend to be more even across the field and races are much shorter so there is no stopping for new tyres which is obviously a big advantage. Also in things like touring cars they have the ballast system to even out performance so different cars have a chance of getting it each weekend.

    It just wouldn’t work in Formula One.



    This came up fairly recently on the forum. I said if only point-scorers were eligible for a fastest lap point then it would relieve some of the silly situations that could arise. After all, nobody in the points will pit for fresh tyres as they’ll most likely lose position which will cost them at least as much as the single point for fastest lap. And now that a win is worth 25 points, giving away a single additional point for either fastest lap or pole doesn’t have as much affect as it used to.



    For pole I think they can.



    Nope. It’s not broken, so what’s there to fix?



    How about constructors points (10,9,8.. 1) for those that make Q3?

    Drivers points, no.



    I think not, without doing the maths on it I think Vettel would already be champion, mind he pretty much is now anyway



    It is an option. In NASCAR, points are awarded for leading at least one lap and for leading the most laps, too.

    However, I think the championship should never be decided on Saturday so I definitely object against any points for pole position. It also wouldn’t be good if the points system became too complicated and hard to understand for casual / new fans.



    Absolutely Not! There are too many points splashing about as it is!


    Fer no.65


    Someone getting the F1 title by setting a fastest lap/pole would be terrible (surely it happened in the 50’s, but now… it’d be horrible!)



    I don’t see how winning a championship by finishing, say, 10th plus one point for fastest lap would be any worse than just finishing 9th.

    I agree that pole is wrong though, because pole is geared towards giving you the best chance in the race and could lead to a championship being won on a saturday, which isn’t right.

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