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Silly season: 2014 F1 driver market

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I see no reason to believe it has. They say they have done everything they have to and are only waiting on the team. The team are probably trying to deal with the Raikkonen situation right now.

    Profile photo of toiago

    Felipe Massa is set to be anounced by the Williams team as one of their drivers for next season, Autosprint reporting the news. If true, good for him. Just hope that he can have a competitive season next year and that Williams can provide him with a good car. A new environment will surely do him wonders.

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    Profile photo of Murray

    Massa/Bottas is a much better lineup then Mal. Interesting to see what they do next year.

    Profile photo of Piotr Koteryl
    Piotr Koteryl

    This makes me a little worried about where Maldonado will race. I mean, all credit to him for getting into F1, but I don’t want to see him (particularly with the attitude he has so consistently shown) get a seat at the expense of a more skilled driver, purely on the basis of how much money he brings. I am very excited for MAS/BOT, though.

    Profile photo of Broke84

    Great news about Massa, I really hope that with Mercedes they can put this year behind them and start having some better years. If Brawn went to Williams that would be epic. I hope soon that Williams will be one of the big 4 again.

    Profile photo of Rick Lopez
    Rick Lopez

    Yay soo happy for Massa, Told you

    Profile photo of Tomsk

    Blimey – Perez out at McLaren – Joe’s on fire.
    How long before Bollocks Benson of the Beeb starts spewing “content” about this?

    Profile photo of toiago

    How reliable is that Joe Saward? I’ve seen people comment on him, but never really understood if he actually provides valuable information or just comes up with random stories to grab attention.

    Profile photo of Deej92

    If true, maybe a Sauber return for Perez, with Hulkenberg to Lotus/Force India (whichever Maldonado doesn’t drive for)?

    Profile photo of Iestyn Davies
    Iestyn Davies

    Yes, @tomsk! I thought about this yesterday (previous page) and Joe’s blog adds more detail (to my essay!) – such as Magnussen being better in the team’s simulator than Perez. McLaren are essentially wiping clean a disastrous 2013, with the car and Perez not matching Button as they expected.

    They also have Vandoorne coming on strong for Button’s seat in a few years. It’ll be hard for these youngsters with the lack of F1 running (Lewis had a full season of testing before 2007), but FR 3.5 gives good seat time at less than £1m a year. Same with other series like GP3, F3 etc. and this is why GP2 is now being bypassed even by top F1 team junior programs. TJ13 has some figures for this, my old figure for GP2 was £1.5-2m. So we’ll start to see more FR3.5 drivers graduating to F1 now over GP2 (used to be only RB juniors recently), with a backlog developing in GP2 (Rossi, Frijns, Nasr, Evans, Palmer etc.).

    If we go back to @mhop‘s line ups 5 pages back, they are still holding true, with Calado now as FP1 driver for FI, and now 2 of Di Resta, Perez and Petrov/Sirotkin being retained in F1 for 2014. Of course if Quantum don’t have the cash and Maldonado goes to Lotus we can swap him with Hulkenberg at FI. If Di Resta loses, he could be in DTM with Mercedes’ expanded line-up, alongside Alguersuari or Gotz, Bukh or even Calado. Gutierrez we can rule out now as Perez is ahead of him in the Mexican line up (with only one place likely available).

    Profile photo of magon4

    BBC is reporting it too: Perez out, Magnussen in!

    Profile photo of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    @toiago – It depends. Saward can be credible, but his reputation has taken a hit in recent years following some unsubstantiated attacks on Vijay Mallya (Saward was a fan of Tonio Liuzzi, and upset when Mallya let him go), which he then followed up with blog posts that amounted to “everyone on the internet is an expert, but I am a real expert, and you should be grateful I am doing this at all”. He has mostly managed to see the error of his ways since then, but personally, I feel his credibility is shot.

    Profile photo of Lucas Wilson
    Lucas Wilson

    Autosport have now ‘confirmed’ that Magnussen is in for 2014, so many people can’t be wrong.

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