Silly Season: 2015 F1 Driver Market

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    Holy crap. Which will he get first, driving licence or superlicence?

    I don’t doubt he’s good, but this is exactly the sort of move Bernie would brib…sorry – advise Toro Rosso to make.

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    Ed Marques

    That’s insane.
    Absolutely insane.

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    What a blow for Sainz. I really don’t understand why not have Max doing a season or two in FR3.5 before getting a F1 shot, he would still be 20 at most…

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    As Roberto Chinchero recently tweeted, an F1 seat would’ve been the one thing that Red Bull could offer Verstappen what Mercedes couldn’t.

    The one thing that upsets me is that this seems to have all but ended any hope of Ant Felix da Costa becoming an F1 driver. JEV is probably gone, too.

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    Any probability Da Costa still had probably went out of the window when he agreed to do DTM. Sure, there’s Di Resta and further back Albers, but considering Red Bull usually park their drivers in reserve seats, I think they never intended him to be on the path to F1 after moving him there.

    As for Sainz and Gasly, if they’re still in FR3.5 next year, I’ll have to buy them a beer and apologize on behalf of the Dutch F1 fans who haven’t got their orange shades on..

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    Iestyn Davies

    If you think about it, this move makes the most sense of any – Marko has the ability to and thus has put together two of the best talents of the 2015 onwards generation, to slug it out and replace Vettel at the main RB outfit. There’s definitely a future title battle with Ricciardo to come from one of these guys, who could both be a straight up Vettel replacement in a few years’ time (2016). They are both ultra-fast adapters, with maximum total speed.. i.e. Marko’s wet dreams come true.

    Sainz may possibly only be mid-pack at best – so he will be in the Caterham ‘C’ team.. replacing Kobayashi no doubt. He may thus go the way Vergne, Jaime and Buemi went – out the door, after losing to Vettel, Ricciardo, Kvyat. Gasly still has time to mature, win FR3.5 next year and then join F1 in 2016, around 20/21, if needed.

    PS. I’m glad that my prediction for ‘at least one Ricciardo win before 2015’ from April, in the last page, came true!

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    Now there seems to be some rumors that Vettel has signed for Mclaren and will replace Button next year. Does anyone know any sources for these?

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    R.J. O’Connell

    Source: Likely made up on social media as a guess.

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    Bradley Downton

    @diceman – I can’t say I have, but we could always start it and see how far we get ;)

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    @diceman I believe the rumours originate from Lorenzo de Luca (citing the Corriere della Sera as his source), who works for TJ13. This website reported today that Button might leave McLaren as early as Monza. I.e., this is complete rubbish.

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    Bradley Downton

    @andae23 – I’ve given up believing anything in this world, even after it’s confirmed! But at the same time, I’ll never discount a rumour. We’ve seen stupid things before that everyone has dismissed as rubbish – including the participants involved – only for it to turn out to be true…

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    Force Maikel

    Hot rumour coming from Italian media: Sebastian Vettel has signed a contract with McLaren for 2015.

    Problem is that while creating a buzz on Twitter, no one seems to be able to provide a link to the Italian media reporting this…

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    Sri Harsha

    Is it true Vet signed Mclaren for 2015 and further??
    Any news on that for confirmation or is this another Silly season media creation?

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    Iestyn Davies

    Well, Honda desire a top WDC driver to lead their charge – if they deem Button past it, then that leaves Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton. Alonso’s mega $35m offer expired on the 20th.. Hamilton won’t leave Mercedes, Raikkonen will retire soon – Vettel is the last one left. And, he’s under the kosh now at RB with Ricciardo – and Kvyat vs. Verstappen to come. That’s serious competition to win WDCs from now on in a Red Bull, even if it’s the best car.

    Thus, it makes sense that a new opportunity would be Honda McLaren, number one driver at a new works outfit that might soon be as strong as Mercedes and Red Bull (and I can’t believe I’m writing that after McLaren’s 2013/2014). Honda’s engine should be strong, after having this year to test/rectify errors like Ferrari and Renault made. McLaren’s car will probably be better now that Dennis is back in charge.

    But even I thought that Chilton would see out the season – so it really comes down to money, and Honda have a lot of that on their return to F1. Who they sign will thus lock or unlock the 2015 driver market. JEV would be a lucky boy to move up to Red Bull! However, Sainz Jr is still about…

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    Iestyn Davies

    @andae23 It does sound ridiculous, but Button has always said that he will retire once Jessica is pregnant, although in the last few months I think he has now reignited the fire in his belly and would like to continue for at least one year with McLaren-Honda.

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