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    I’m off to Silverstone next year for the first time and would like to combine ear defenders and being able to listen to the Sliverstone commentary on the radio at the same time.

    I know the circuit has its own radio station which I think in 2010 was broadcast on 87.7 FM .

    I can’t seem to find any ear defenders with build in radio’s that seem to cover the correct frequencies.

    Anyone got any recommendations for some headsets which will sort the problem??





    To be honest I found that at Silverstone its not actually that loud. I mean its loud but its not like painfully loud. (Bare in mind that your not standing next to them, in fact your quite far back – where are you sitting/standing?)

    Standard ear phones worked ok for me, but I want something that blocks the sound out better so I can still hear the commentary when a pack of cars blasts past.



    We (my wife , 7 year old son and myself) have platinum tickets on the international pits straight. I would think that a grid full of F1 cars blasting off the line would be fairly loud !

    Its a special treat for my 40th next year.

    I’m trying to organise everything in the next couple of months so its not a mad rush next year.




    I was at Silverstone this year at woodcote. As the others have said, its not actually massively noisy – it is loud of course, and ear plugs should be worn, but last year I had one ear plug in and the other was listening to my kangaroo TV and that was fine.

    If you haven’t thought about it, a Kangaroo Tv is a great idea too – especially if you want to watch the support races!



    It is very important that your 7 year old son wears ear defenders (And a wide range of colourful options are availible for kids too!) therefore its probably sensible that the whole family ear plugs up if only to set a good example.

    I did see a lot of people not wearing ear plugs, but its a lot higher pitched that you’d expect. I could cope fine without them and Im a bit of a musician so I have to look after my ears as Im in a loud environment a lot.

    Take a good pair of ear phones and some ear plugs and you should be fine. Im contemplating taking cans (big headphones) next time I go.

    P.S. Legendary avatar sw6569


    Stephen Jones

    i used to wear ear muffs and put an earplug inside to listen to the on circuit commentary..

    so yeah, just wear your ipod earplugs (or radio) tuned to the station.

    then fire the ear muffs over the top.. it doesnt matter if your earbud comes out, it will just sit in the ear muffs and its like speaker’s on your head!

    ear protection and commentary at the same time!

    i’m thinking of these kind of ear muffs btw: http://soundproofing.org/images/heaset-071.jpg

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