Sky F1 coverage in 2012

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    Doesnt feel right on sky.
    BBC F1 is dead is a load of rubbish


    Keith Collantine

    Last year we didn’t have to pay and everything was uninterrupted. This year we are paying and there are ads, admittedly only in practice, so I have no difficulty understanding the objection there.

    Some people always respond to these posts with “well it’s worse over here”. That is no argument. Do you really want the standard of F1 broadcasting to be a race to the bottom? Of course not – we should demand it to be the best it can.

    I’m not judging Sky until they’ve had a few races to bed in. So far so good, I’d say, but the constant reminders about the million ways to watch are already starting to grate.



    Love it. Croft is a great commentator and it’s great to see Brundle back at the role he seems more comfortable with and better at. Davidson’s input is quite good and Kravitz is as awesome as he always is.


    sbl on tour

    keith , your entitled to your opinion just like the rest of us!



    The adverts are only every 20 minutes or so which is perfectly fine and there are no adverts during qualifying or the race, there isn’t really anything to complain about.

    The Sky Pad thing where Ant analyses something and Georgie keeps nodding is going to wear a bit thin soon, apart from a few little interesting observations I don’t really understand what that segment adds to the programme as a whole.

    Having a dedicated channel makes so much of a difference, 45 minutes after qualifying ended to discuss the result is brilliant and I am starting to warm to Simon, Martin and Damon a bit. There’s also an hour and a half of build up to the race tomorrow which will be great, I’m glad I’m actually getting decent coverage as a return on my investment.



    It’s decent. Expensive but decent, but what I know of the BBC is better.

    Damon Hill is boring, Antony Davidson is good although that other girl with him is just there for eye candy, the ads are awful (“all practice sessions, qualifying sesions, races – uninterrupted!” well why are you interrupting them and telling me this then?), the top 10 countdown showing us the grid positions was rubbish, ignoring the rest of the 14 drivers and doing it in a patronising manner with these unsettling driver profiles.


    Ed Jeffrey

    Croft and Brundle, are a fantastic pairing, and i’m glad there isnt much change from the beeb coverage in the comm box for all sessions. But despite their huge budget i struggle to see where Sky will manage to over take Jake and Co in the popularity contest. The SkyPad seemed pretty unnecessary, and a bit awkward, and action all comes from FOM anyway. Will be interesting to see over the next few races how they team gel together, Hill still needs to find his comfort zone, and maybe stand still. Georgie Thompson needs to stop worrying about looks and concentrate on the coverage (although the eye candy isn’t the worst thing in the world)!! And Simon Lazenby needs to get a better relationship with the drivers, the VT with Hamilton wasn’t the best in the world… Didnt match up to the Jet skiing competition the bbc had last year!
    Lets give it time, but currently BBC are in pole position.



    I like it. It’s not hugely different or better than what the BBC had, but there’s definitely more focus on what’s important and a bit less fluff, especially from the paddock where the BBC team got too carried away with their little boy’s club and constantly making jokes about Eddies shirts. I will miss Eddie’s and DC’s input, but Brundle and Hill along with Lazenby is a good team, but they will develop as the season progresses.

    I am absolutely delighted that Crofty and Brundle are the Quali and Race commentary team and it felt very natural listening to them, they really gel well and it’s easily the best commentary line-up, I think even outdoing Brundle and Murray Walker. Crofty brings plenty of breathless excitement and Brundle as always brings expert analysis. This is what matters to me most. Can’t wait for the race now!



    and it’s an entire channel dedicated to F1. My 10 year old self would be amazed this has happened.

    A channel that today replays qualifying 4 times, replays the practice sessions once each, replays the (awfully presented and produced) car unveilings, replays various ‘legends’. No matter how hardcore a fan anyone is surely it is clear there is no need for an F1 channel and Sky are demonstrating that with this poor highly repeated filler programming.



    Yup totally agree..@georgedaviesf1
    Its early days yet in thier coverage but I still prefer Jake, Eddie and DC..Simon Lazenby is not a good presenter..Also Damon Hill I feel struggles to put together sentences and the amount of time ”ehmm” came out of his mouth was utterly frustrating..
    There is absolutely no point of Georgie Thompson being there..she has zero knowledge of F1
    Can I also say that radio 5 live was brilliant..James Allen and Jaime Alguersuari are a great partnership..
    I listened to them while watching RTL..even though they were 3 or 4 seconds ahead of the TV I still listened to them and I will for the race tomorrow..that shows how good they are :)



    It’s early days yet but also there doesn’t seem to be much personality. The coverage is extensive and informative but everyone’s just doing their jobs showing us things and talking about it but not much else.

    Compared to BBC with Eddie, Jake and DC who have a laugh and chemistry and put their personalities into it it’s a bit bland. That segment where they got Lewis Hamilton to drive the bloke around a track in a MP4-12C felt so forced,. 20 seconds of driving, then some very obvious questions afterwards. Compared to Jake who actually seems like he’s having a conversation with someone he knows well and is enjoying himself.

    I dunno, early days as I say. We’ll see how it goes.


    Paul Roberts

    For week 1 they did a great job. Not a big fan of Damon Hill, but hopefully he will grow on me. Not too bothered by the ads as we know they are not going to happen during the race like the ITV used to do. I still miss Jake Humphrey and Eddie Jordan from the BBC, but happy not to have to listen to David Coulthard any more. I would have liked to have seen more driver interviews after the qually session and would also like to see some after show forum on the red button like the BBC do so well.


    Paul Roberts

    Forgot to mention that David Croft did a fantastic job! :)



    The coverage for me is fine, Simon is already way better than Jake, but I am starting to miss Eddie. My only real problem is with Georgie, she has experience hosting motorsport, but Ted and Antony could do the Skypad just fine without her, so Sky should really find a better way to use her experience.

    Fortunately Sky are timing the ad breaks fine and they are short, so I have no complaints about the ad breaks.

    Croft and Brundle have good chemistry and they make a great team.

    The overall presentation is very good, it looks professional and is modern.



    I agree with Estesark

    Sometimes the most interesting pieces of insight, on 5Live for example, come when there is nothing happening on the track so the commentators have freedom to discuss whatever they want.

    I can still live with an ad break at a quiet stage in FP but they had 2 in 4 minutes when FP3 was hectic. Most of the adverts being for SkyF1!?!? I dont think FP sessions need a build up, too much taking and far too rigid from the anchor and Hill. Edging on boring even for a fanatic. The skypad is rubbish too, like has been said Ant is wasted there.

    That said the actual qualifying was excellent. Commentary line up is perfect.

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