Sky F1 UK’s reluctance to give us video of the post-race press conference?

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    I find it very odd how Sky don’t want to show us the full video of the post race press conferences, even today when it was a key moment, they only showed a v. short clip. I know as a fact that many other broadcasters still show it (even Sky Germany), it’s transmitted as part of the world feed. I know why they normally wouldn’t want to show it, given that the drivers usually say the same sorta stuff in the podium interviews, but even still for key one’s like today, you’d think they would have posted the video on the website, yet they’ve only given us the FIA transcript. I’m pretty sure there must be contractual reasons why they can’t show the full conference in-vision, perhaps they’ve lost that ability in exchange for messing about with the world feed during practice?

    GT_racer, maybe you could comment as you know more about these things than we do?



    I should point out that this only started as soon as the Podium interviews came in at Silverstone in 2012, before then you’d get shown the 1st part of the press conference. This is how the post-race press conference is structured:
    Part 1: Questions from the moderator, in English
    Part 2: Statement in the Driver’s own language (if non-English)
    Part 3: Questions from the media on the floor.

    Now before Silverstone 2012, ITV, the BBC (and Sky) would always show Part 1 of the press conference. Yet not the BBC or Sky in the UK do it now, it’s odd. Maybe it’s a contractual thing for UK broadcasters.

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