So this is what Scott Speed is doing now….

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    What’s street legal in Chicago is not in Melbourne…. I miss Scott Speed, nice bloke and with some talent. Red Bull was wrong to ditch him.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    V8 Supertaxis are on in Surfers’ Paradise this weekend …

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    He seems like a nice guy, he wasn’t that good-a-racer though. Him leaving gave Vettel his break and I don’t think for a second Scott Speed would have won Monza 2008.

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    no, but he was certainly faster than Liuzzi and I am not sure Alguersari is any better… Anyway he’s having fun now.

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    Red Andy

    I would have liked to have seen Speed driving for a different team in F1; I don’t think we really got a chance to see how good he was. He was under constant pressure from STR management for not being called Sebastian Vettel, culminating in Franz Tost physically assaulting him at his final GP at the Nurburgring. Just one of many potentially promising F1 drivers who weren’t given a proper chance.

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    its quite difficult being a taxi driver when your vehicle only turns left :P

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    He couldn’t have been that terrible, he did finish 3rd in GP2 behind Rosberg and Kovalainen and he got a point at Australia 2006 but it was taking away for overtaking during yellow flags. Not a great F1 career but an EPIC name though.

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    Lol, I first learned of him in F1 2006(the game) and I honestly thought it was a joke. I thought “This has got to be a made up name just to put an American in this game.” I was a bit surprised when I figured out he was actually real.

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    His F1 career did end in a particularly unfortunate manner. I think there’s a reason people like Franz Tost and Collin Kolles run teams that somehow end up at the back of the grid…

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