So where were the penalties in Turkey?


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    After last year’s dressing down of Vettel and Hamilton for racing in the pit lane, where was the penalty for Massa? Yes he gave the place back *eventually*, but it was still charging down the pitlane on the edge of pitboxes and a release almost into the path of Hamilton.

    Then there was the Schumacher on Petrov incident. Alonso got a penalty for “causing and avoidable collision” in Malasia, even though only he suffered, so why Schuie didn’t get a penalty is beyond me.

    Consistency has been pretty good since they introduced the ex-driver steward but it seems to have been a bit AWOL today.

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    I agree about the Massa one, Schumi I would bring up for moving over in the braking zone rather than for running into the back of Petrov.

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    I’d like to know what happened to not running people off the road, like Petrov did to Heidfeld. I’d almost forgotten about the Massa incident, seems odd nothing was done (yet another traffic lights incident from Ferrari).

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    The pit lane was wide enough so I don’t think the Massa-Hamilton incident was a big problem. As for Schumacher, he didn’t need to be punished for his clumsy driving against Petrov, Alonso’s penalty in Malaysia was stupid anyway.

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    the only penalty today was for Pastor Maldonado for doing 103.5kph in pit lane.

    Massa and Hamilton was debatable and Schumi was punished by losing his wing

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    For a while the way drivers were bumping with one another I thought that they were not driving F1 cars but Kart cars.

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    I liked when (I think it was) Martin Brundle said “Your not even aloud to do this much bumping when you drive dodgem cars at the carnival.”

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    Keith Collantine

    I didn’t think any of those incidents merited a penalty.

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    Agreed. I think it would have just taken away from the close racing. As long as they’re not causing each other to have huge accidents then this close racing should be encouraged rather than drivers avoiding making moves at the risk of a penalty.

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    I don’t disagree with the way Massa handled the race down the pit-lane (almost zero shouts about him doing the same thing Hamilton did last year, I noticed), but the release itself.

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    Hamilton’s mechanic kept him still when Massa entered, but those Ferrari guys were slow and shouldn’t have let Massa go, so maybe a fine for the team. Schumacher deserved a penalty for pushing Kobayashi on the grass and to a lesser extent for crashing into Petrov.

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    Alonso’s penalty in Malaysia was the most ridiculous penalty i’ve ever seen in f1.

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