Spicing up the Rules – 2012

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    Prof Kirk

    Very quickly, and without much number crunching or thought, here is an idea to juice up the rules for 2012 in regards to the DRS activation. Have the current rules that allow the car that is no more than a second behind use the DRS in the specific zone, but then to allow the field of cars to be more bunched, let any car not in the top 10, so places 11 to 24, allowed to use the DRS anytime during the lap, as if it was qualifying.

    Like i mentioned, very quick unconsidered thoroughly thoughts, open to your thoughts on this one.

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    I would rather see DRS scrapped entirely. Sorry! That would spice things up just right for me.

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    Absolutely no way.

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    It is an interesting idea, but there are enough allegations of the racing being “artificial” in 2011 for that to become a reality. And besides, isn’t the racing “spicy” enough already!

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    more DRS zones would be spicy like Madras

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    i think that DRS should go, keep the tires how they are, then wait for 2013 to take most of the downforce away….

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    They can’t take downforce away, that would make the cars slower.

    If you take away most of the downforce your left with something quite a bit slower than what we have.

    DRS means cars that change through the lap. Improving lap time without improving overall performance basicly.

    F1 needs to stay the fastest type of circit racing, that is incredibly important.

    Simply saying “Get rid of downforce” is a terrible idea, it would ruin F1’s image.

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    Flappy wing as an air-brake.

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    The DRS should only ever be a stop gap solution before we go back to underfloor aero and cut out the gimmiks.

    OH WAIT NO the teams have gone all conservative on us.

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    DRS should be all the time or not at all.

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    i didnt mean take loads of the downforce away, i simply mean find new ways to increase downforce and grip yet reduce the drag and or wake eft behind, make it easier to follow. I realise that at the time i wrote downforce, but that was a rash comment.

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