Summer Break – Good or Bad

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    This year because of work commitments and days owed I start my Holidays on Thursday for 2 1/2 weeks. I don’t like lazing on the beach, get bored too easily, prefer to visit interesting places with museums etc.

    It would be an ideal time to tour Europe and catch a few F1 races, but there isn’t any. What a #q%K%& waste.

    Therefore in my opinion a BAD idea.


    I’m about to start a three-week internship in which my work will be directly related to the upcoming Federal election. This means that not only am I going to be insanely busy with that and my other uni work, but chances are that my internship will require me to work weekends. If there were any Grands Prix over this period, I would quite likely have to miss many sessions live, maybe even a few races themselves! Thankfully, because of the summer break, I won’t have to.

    Therefore, in my own selfish opinion, the summer break is a BRILLIANT idea!


    Ned Flanders

    Well, it’s easy for us fans to say it’s a good or bad idea. But the summer break isn’t designed around us fans, it’s for the people who work in F1. And I’m sure they really appreciate a holiday. After all, they are humans with families and personal lives, not robots…



    So, when it’s actually starts? Just after Hungry, or it is just voluntarily situation, and teams may choose to break or not?

    It is what I have read somewhere on the web. Comments on adjusting flexi- wing’s tests by FIA.

    “A Ferrari source is quoted as saying: “We will adapt but it will not affect our competitiveness.”

    La Stampa said Fernando Alonso spent all Tuesday on the driver simulator, working on a new aerodynamic package.

    “In the seven remaining races, whoever gets six or seven podiums will be the champion,” he is quoted by the Spanish press.”

    So, they are on the break or not?



    Good for the mechanics as they do need a break bad for the F1 fans. To be honest 3 weeks are way too long,it could have been 2 weeks.



    The summer break actually used to be 3 weeks, but in the last couple of years, it’s gone up to 4.



    Keith, Thanks for the plug.

    Might I add to this, I spent 25 years in the Army and you took your Holiday breaks whenever the Army said you could, basically. I also did a long spell of shift, and call-out work, in that period I worked some or all of the Christmas three day break, every year for 8 years.

    And when I did a spell in Malaysia, it wasn’t in the shade of the paddock area or 5 * hotels with ice cold drinks on hand, it was up-country in tropical rain forest with the wild life mainly consisting of snakes, mosquitoes and creepy crawlies carrying a 50 lb (25 kg) pack, a radio plus rifle and ammunition.



    Bad, very bad!



    I understand they need this break. But it would be more logical to not do it in the summer. The excellent moment to get the most fans out there. Specially the younger audiance. They missed the ball with timing imo.



    I never knew until recently what the reason for the break was. I fully understand the reasoning behind it and actually it is not a bad idea to have it in summer as people in the audience may be on holiday or enjoying the summer. Then again the major sport (football) is on a break so F1 could be there to fill the void

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