Sutil to Ferrari in 2012?

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    Adrian Sutil’s manager responded to Bruno Senna’s signing at Williams saying that he was not surprised, since contract talks between Sutil and Williams had failed in December. He did note that there would either be a surprise or plan B. You don’t have to be a genius to read between the lines: Plan B would be a test drive somewhere, surprise would be a drive in a team other than HRT; in both cases, Ferrari seems to be a likely candidate.
    I’d love to see Sutil on the reserve for Ferrari; it would put enormous pressure on Massa (even more than he already has), and if the season were to be similar to the last two, Sutil would drive for the reds before midseason, in an attempt to prolong his contract for 2013…



    aaah the source are german newspapers, it’s all over the national and local press.



    As I’ve said before, if Force India and (worse still) Williams don’t want him then why would Ferrari? Good luck to Adrian but I just don’t see it.



    I can’t see Sutil at Ferrari in any role. The logical chance I think he has of getting back into the sport is by getting Trulli out of his seat at Lotus, or finding a test role somewhere else.



    I don’t think it’s impossible

    Sutil is fairly dependable, there is no boubt that he puts in the good performances sometimes.

    He is probably much better than Massa and without causing a threat to Alonso as no 1 in the team. It makes more sense than you think.

    The big surprise could be a move to Mercedes in some shape or form.

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