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    His interiew today on the BBC just made me think about how great a character he is and how much he is missed on the F1 circuit…

    anyone else agree or even disagree?



    Missed him loads. A real character.

    Enjoy watching him race again as I’m an Indy fan but he does crash all the time.

    I’ll always remember Nurburgring 2004 I think it was where he went for the all or nothing move on Rubens to get 2nd instead of settling for a podium.



    Yes I do miss him.



    a do or die attitude, something which is also found with a certain Kamui Kobayashi



    I miss him too, shame he was never lucky to be in a good car, might have won a race or two in the right circumstances.



    @cpfcfan – you were right! Look how Kamui performed today!


    Keith Collantine

    A great personality, but not a good enough driver to be in F1.

    I think comparing Kobayashi to him does Kobayashi a great disservice. He’s shown a lot of promise and is in his car on merit alone, whereas Sato’s connections with Honda have furthered his career some way beyond where he would have got on talent alone.


    Fer no.65

    Appart from Montreal 2007 (overtaking Alonso in the end), I never really liked him…

    He was a real kamikaze… and that was it.

    We already have Kobayashi, who’s also a kamikaze but is fast alright. Plus, as Keith says, he got his Sauber seat on merit.



    I’m fairly sure Coulthard didn’t like him being there personally. When Lee asked him the difference between Indy and F1 you could tell he was getting annoyed. Especially when he mentioned an Indy car generating 6g’s instead of 5, plus the cars being heavier and what not. I think it must’ve brought up some hatred in DC’s memory of arguing which are the hardest cars to drive. (It comes up a lot with when talking with friends).



    I was comparing Kobayashi’s attitude towards wheel to wheel racing with Sato as opposed to their racing skill. To be perfectly honest with what I have seen from both drivers I agree that Kamui is the better driver in terms of speed and racecraft. The only reservation I have is that we never got to see how Sato would have performed in a post 2009 (return of slicks/new aero regulations) car to make a completly fair judgement on how good he would be in F1 now.



    Sato came 8th in the car Button came 3rd in 04, outscored 85-34, great character but not a massive fan, Kobayashi much more fun.

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