Teaching my son F1

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    I’m putting my 6 year old son to bed and I say to him “Lewis” and then he replies “Hamilton”:-)

    The conversation continues as follows:
    Me: “Sebastian”
    My son: “Vettel!”
    Me: “Fernando”
    My son: “Alonso!”
    Me: “Nico Hul-ken”
    My son: “Berg!”
    Me: “Nico Ros-“
    My son: “Berg!”
    Me: “Jenson B–“
    My son “Utton! Button!”
    Me: “Felipe Ma-“
    My son “Massa!”

    I couldn’t stop laughing and neither could he:-)

    A F1 Fanatic in the making!



    I can tell you’re a good parent! :D



    Teaching young children about F1?

    Join the club. ;-)



    My son is a two-year-old, and I am already proud when he points at the tv and shouts ‘race autos!’ (Dutch)



    Funny, though to be honest I was expecting to read you were teaching him mathematics/engineering.



    @michael – absolute GOLD my friend!

    I do the same, mine 7 & 5. I rang the wife from Melbourne GP this year and could hear my lad in the background “DAD- have you seen Mark Webber yet!!??” Indeed I had done, sent through the photo and at that point realise I was not as pumped as he was – love it.

    My daughter (almost 5) picks pretty well the top 10 drivers, and LOVES Dan, she has a photo of Ricciardo and her Mum in Suzuka and an autographed hat she wont wear- “TOO SPEACIAL” she says!!

    Funny- my kids love F1 because of Dad, but my lad has taking a liking to AFL (for those that dont know Australian Football Leauge its like football (soccer) and American (NFL) combined- I played all my life but so into F1 pay NO attention and he knows all the players and more that I!!

    Good times F1F Dads!!!


    That’s very funny, just make sure you don’t get pushy about it.

    My Dad was a casual Formula 1 fan when he was younger, but he never pushed me into the sport. He let me develop a love for it of my own accord.



    My son got interested in F1 when I found in the attic old paper models of F1 cars that I used to make back in the 1980’s (Tyrrell P34, Ferrari 312T2 etc), we did a few races in our living room and then he watched the real thing. He fell in love with Red Bull, I do not hold it against him. But he is much more interested in dinosaurs, and standing next to a life sized T-Rex this summer I could see the attraction. I am not pushing it, we’ll see what happens.



    I was invited into Formula 1 by my uncle. He was a big Williams fan at the time, and my love for red cars turned me a Ferrari fan. The first championship that I followed closely was 2003, I rooted for Schumi, he rooted for Montoya.

    Been in love with the sport ever since. ;-)


    Lucas Wilson

    My introduction to f1 is an unusual one.



    OK, so DRS is….

    Seriously, what about, and where is, the simplicity of F1 Cars being able to overtake in their vanilla form without DRS? DRS isn’t easy to teach, you know!

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