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Team radio to car radio to be transmitted from 2012!

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    From the FIA, the team to car radio will be transmitted to braodcasters from 2012…

    We will no doubt see them be more PR friendly on the radios then, but still good news!

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    Red Andy

    Or more cryptic: “Lewis, the cat is in the house.”

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    will spectators at the track be able to listen in on headsets?

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    good point @kapo32, I hope that Kangaroo TV will be giving an option to listen to a specific driver or team throghout the race

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    @Red Andy – that’s pretty funny actually. Hmm, I think that “what cryptic lines are we likely to hear in 2012?” would make for a pretty good thread….

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    Fernando could possibly be faster than you but we would have to check the data to confirm that. Do you understand the message if he were to be possibly faster than you?


    I think you’ll find the message in 2012 (and even next year) will simply be: “Felipe, let Fernando through, NOW. That is an order.”

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    “Ok, Sebastian, the eagle has spotted the prey, the eagle has spotted the prey…”

    Seb: “What eagle? WTF are you on about?” xD

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    Keith Collantine

    All the stuff on the new rules is already on the site:

    Five-race gearboxes among other rules changes

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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