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F1 discussion

Teams you love and hate most

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    They keep quiet if they are winning, but if anything doesn’t go their way, the regulations have to be changed to suit them

    The regulations did the opposite for 2003 and 2005.

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    Red Bull






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    I like pretty much all the teams apart from Red Bull and Williams, oh and the Lotus part of Renault.

    The problem with Red Bull is they act as though they are some new team and want to stick it in the top teams faces. I mean they have as big of a budget as anyone, have the best staff a team can have and a super quick driver. I just hate the general attitude of them, oh and the “No” favouritism bull from last year annoyed me. They were doing everything for Vettel to win the title, if they had shown that kind of commitment to Mark he would be champion right now.

    As for Williams, well they are pathetic. I need say no more.

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    – Williams (mainly for being the only team in F1 that has hired at least one of my favourite drivers)

    – HRT (lovable underdogs)


    – Mercedes (meh…)

    – Lotus (even more meh…)

    – McLaren (okayish team, don’t like their drivers too much)

    – Red Bull (slightly “slimy”, but okay)

    – Sauber (ultimate meh…)

    – Virgin (not quite as loveable underdogs)

    – Force India (almost forgot listing them here)


    – Ferrari (just have a questionable attitude)

    – Renault (if only for Group Lotus)

    – Toro Rosso (I shall never “forgive” them for not hiring Sato)

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    sbl on tour

    ned – well when I first saw this picture I laughed my b….. off, If you cant laugh at youself , well who can you laugh at! Also my favorite film just happens to the Italian Job!

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    Funny thing is Alonso’s in an F2008…Silly fools.

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    Oscar Becker

    1. McLaren – I like the team in general, I like Hamilton and Button and even though they’ve probably had their ups and downs as well they seem to get on pretty well together

    2. Sauber – Like their drivers. Perez, Very interesting young driver. Kobayashi, Nuff said!

    3. Red Bull – Not my favourite team but I can’t really find a good reason to dislike them.

    4. Team Lotus – Classic name, good drivers and by far the most promising new outfit

    5. Force India – Interesting team, a very interesting driver in Paul di Resta, kinda like Sutil too.

    6. Renault – Don’t really agree with the Lotus naming dispute but it’s a good team and if Kubica would’ve been able to drive, they would’ve been fighting for victories for sure. They’re still pretty interesting since Petrov proved his star quality in Melbourne.

    7. Mercedes – I like Nico Rosberg but I think Schumacher should step aside for young drivers, he has to realize his glory days is over.

    8. Williams – Classic team with a great history but they have to start perform better results.

    9. Toro Rosso – The worst team of the midfield.

    10. Virgin – Very bad team. They’re ruining Glock’s career!

    11. HRT – Worst team on the grid!

    12. Ferrari – Really, really, really dislike them, for many obvious reasons. They should rename the team “Scuderia FIA Favoured Team Alonso Ferrari”.

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    Sometimes my opinion is based on what does teams stand for and thats why I Like:





    All very proud of theur nationality working with a lot of staff from their own countrys.


    Why didnt I pointed Mclaren cause bruce mclaren was australian ron dennis sold it to the axis and then bought it back the drivers are just fake people, and all britain is onto them completly forgetting about williams. Renault is french but its based in the uk plus briatore is a scu…., Lotus isnt malaysian, virgin is a very poorman doenst affor an windtunnel he has only a few for his planes, force india is buying mclarens plans that were previously stolen from other team, and Redbull and twin redbull in italian are the best but redbull austrian money doesnt want mark webber to win

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t really have any preferred teams; my alleigance lies first and foremost with drivers. I’m a fan of both Jenson Button and Vitaly Petrov, so I naturally want to see both McLaren and Renault succeed. But if either driver were to move on (despite Button saying he wants to end his career with McLaren), then I’d probably stop supporting their current teams in favour of their new ones. Unless they went to a team I disliked.

    Speaking of, my dislike for Ferrari and Lotus is well-documented. I despise Ferrari for their arrogance and their attitude of “it’s not wrong if we’re the ones doing it”. As for Lotus, I can’t stand Tony Fernandes and his increasingly desperate attempts to convince us all that Lotus vs. Lotus is a David and Goliath story, and he is David.

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    Bruce McLaren… and australian! what! please explain to me why the original McLaren logo has a Kiwi on it?

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    sbl on tour

    @uk fanatic, an aussie….think bruce would be turning in his grave

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    Love: Ferrari

    Hate: Ferrari

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    What Dan said….

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    Using like/dislike instead of love/hate since they are strong words.


    Red Bull: Just love the way they do things, brings something different to the sport.

    Sauber: Huge respect for Peter Sauber and have a great knack at finding good young drivers.


    Ferrari: Spare my keyboard the pain.

    HRT: I’m all for new teams facing the pains and building up slowly but the way they conduct themselves is a joke.

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    Red Bull: Never strike me as a team, looks like we have RB1 and RB2 on the grid (with obvious order ;)).Whenever one wins the other just repels u with awful expression, even if it is 1-2 at the end of race (remember Hungary-10, Brazil-10).

    Has anyone given any thought aboutRed Bull and Torro Rosso relationship? In this time and age of Formula 1 when free testing is strictly forbidden you have Torro Rosso as a testing team for Red Bull. It’s completely legaal but not fair to other teams. Torro Rosso also has Ferrari engine, a situation which can be also interpreted as espionage.

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