Technology from F1 to roadcar?

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    People say motorsport contributes to roadcar technology and safety.

    I agree with it at some degree, but I don’t know exactly which technology has come from motorsport, especially F1.

    Do you know the technology which started from F1 and spread out whole automobile industry?

    I know not many, probably such as tyre and fuel? but how about powertrain? I have no idea at all.

    I’m really interested in it, and it would be great if it’s about engine or gearbox.

    Please let me know what you know and I’ll appreciate if it has definite documents.

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    automotive: The FIA’s on-line magazine


    Technical Focus: Articles by Will Gray (a few years old but some good info)


    The book “The Ford Cosworth DFV: The Inside Story of F1’s Greatest Engine” is well worth a read, it’s got loads of information about the early development of F1 engines and is also the time when manufacturers really started using F1 as a design & testing bed for production technology.

    F1 tech races into ordinary life


    Ferrari F1 to GT technology transfer


    Formula One technology and the British Army


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    OMG, beneboy, As Good As It Gets! now I wish just more information about engine.

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