The 50 greatest liveries of all time

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I found this online a while ago, but I was suprised I haven’t seen it posted here yet:


    The list is a little out-dated, and I don’t necessarily agree with all of the choices, but it does make for interesting reading.



    F1 Colours did a similar thing (F1 only). The winner was hardly a surprise!




    Never got the fascination with the 7Up Jordan. It isn’t anything special

    The 2004 Sauber livery, now that’s something special



    Nice find PM, and nice to see its on Race cars and not F1 specific, otherwise we’d never have the iconic Gulf Oil liveries and the amazing cars they’ve been apart of.

    And nice to see some Touring Cars in there too, they are always colourful ones!



    The major problem with that list is it uses a lot of low res videos that don’t really show off the cars’ liveries well. They would have done better to find high quality photo examples. They speak so highly of the paint schemes and yet I’m sitting there squinting to make them out. Kinda defeats the purpose of the list :/



    I agree with @joey-poey, pictures would have been much better. I tried looking at all the F1 liveries on the list, but the video for the top entry (Ferrari) wouldn’t load, and when I opened multiple tabs, it took so long to load that my browser became unresponsive for half a minute or so.



    @prisoner-monkeys I think we need to make a thread, maybe 2 threads. A voting system from all of us to pick our 10 best F1 liveries and our 10 best motorsport liveries. You choose your favourite 10 and using the F1 points system, we put our number 1 as 25 points, number 2 as 18 points and so on and so forth. I think I shall create them now!!



    I like this idea, JT. It could make an awesome article for the main page once the voting is done, actually…



    there seems to be a problem sometimes with iconic cars being given iconic liveries
    The Sauber Mercedes LeMans car for one, its a iconic car but its just silver? not exactly exciting livery really.
    same with the 1991 Jordan, its just green!


    Adam Tate

    Bah the F1 top 25 article, while not crap, is not that good either.

    Now, the 50 greatest liveries post is much better!

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