The alternative Constructor's Championship

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    Just a random curiosity of mine.

    We all know that in reality the Drivers’ Championship is more the Drivers+Cars Championship. So what if the Constructors’ Championship was more like the Car+Driver Championship? What I mean is what if the championship was decided only by the points scored by the highest-placing driver in the team, not both? Sometimes car performance is “blamed” for a driver being champion or not, but what about driver performance in the team championship? For example, Massa clearly under-drove the Ferrari in 2010, or Kovalainen in 2008.

    Anyway, for fun, here’s my Alternative WCC:

    Red Bull: 161

    McLaren: 131

    Ferrari: 73

    Renault: 56

    Mercedes: 42

    Sauber: 26

    Toro Rosso: 11

    Force India: 9

    Williams: 4

    Lotus: 0

    HRT: 0

    Virgin: 0



    Interesting this. Certainly shows that its the inconsistency of Button/Hamilton that has lead to them being so far behind Vettel at the moment.



    Did that take anyone else far too long to understand the concept?! Only me? Ha

    It is interesting though, theres some great anaylsis to be made from that, but I’m not clever enough to do it!



    The system is easy to understand, I believe Moto GP use this system.



    Yes it is, but I didn’t read it clearly enough.



    Until the 1970’s this is how the constructors championship used to be scored with only the highest-placed driver scoring.



    Thought I’d give this an update after that other thread made me think of it! This time though I’m going to include the top driver’s points:

    Red Bull: 237 (Vettel 234)

    McLaren: 195 (Hamilton 146)

    Ferrari: 157 (Alonso 145)

    Mercedes: 64 (Rosberg 48)

    Renault: 62 (Heidfeld 34)

    Sauber: 34 (Kobayashi 27)

    Force India: 25 (Sutil 18)

    Toro Rosso: 20 (Buemi 12)

    Williams: 4 (Barrichello 4)

    Lotus: 0

    HRT: 0

    Virgin: 0

    A few possible conclusions could be made from this, but it needs further study. For example, you could say that neither Toro Rosso driver is consistent enough since the points split is nearly 50-50, but if you look at the individual results they finish on average three places apart* and often on the threshold of the points. The same excuse can’t be made for the Renault drivers, however…

    *discounting the two times they retired and one statistical anomaly of 9 places




    What I want to know is, has there ever been a season whereby the team had a clean-sweep.

    The closest I’ve found is 1988, where McLaren won all but one race (Italian GP, won by Gerhard Berger in a Ferrari, less than a month after Enzo Ferrari passed away*)

    *Gotta love wikipedia as a source for F1 history.



    Wow this is brilliant. Shows that Vettel is getting the most out of the Red Bull and that Hamilton/Button are getting inconsistent trying too hard to catch him.



    Great Idea for a post Icthyes. Really shows how some teams would be lucky to have to drivers to bring them points (McLaren, Renault, STR) and some could almost do with ditching the other driver as their fastest driver is miles ahead.


    Craig Woollard

    It would be interesting to see how some of the constructors titles would have gone had the system always had been in that way… I may get MS Excel up…


    The Edge

    im wrong



    Interesting… But the result would be what I expected. If you have an all round good car then it is expected that your drivers should peak at around the same point. With the case of massa it would obviously give ferrari a better chance of winning the constructors….but they would still need podium finishes and they haven’t done enough of that.

    I think what would be interesting but completely impractical and would ruin a lot of other great things about f1 would be for the drivers to race a different manufacturers car each race. Therefor each car has equal opportunity for drivers and each driver also…..

    I have to add that I would hate that though !



    So, now we have the world champion confirmed:

    Red Bull 327 (Vettel 324)
    McLaren 281 (Button 210) -46 (-114)
    Ferrari 214 (Alonso 202) -113 (-122)
    Mercedes 99 (Rosberg 63) -228 (-261)
    Renault 68 (Petrov 36) -259 (-288)
    Force India 43 (Sutil 28) -284 (-296)
    Sauber 39 (Kobayashi 27) -288 (-297)
    Toro Rosso 26 (Alguersuari 16) -301 (-308)
    Williams 5 (Barrichello 4) -322 (-320)

    Added another set of “columns” to this one. The first is the deficit according to the new constructors’ points system; the second is the deficit of the leading drive of that team to the leading driver of the top team (i.e. Vettel) – a large gap between the two suggests an inconsistent driver and/or a strong/equal team-mate.



    Very interesting!

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