Who will be the big three's successors?


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    Theo Parkinson

    With this year showing all the talent in the field,it got me wondering which drivers will be the big players in about 5 years time. It made me realise that some drivers look like clear successors to Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso.

    Vettel= Ricciardo. Surely its only a few years until Ricciardo is the head driver at RedBull, if he is not already.

    Hamilton= Bottas. It makes sense with the Wolf connection that we’d see Bottas make a switch to Mercedes when the current drivers leave.

    Alonso= Hulkenberg. The way they both leave nothing on the table is very similar and Hulkenberg would be an understandable replacement to Alonso as Ferrari’s number one.



    Vettel = Ricciardo and/or Kvyatt
    Could Kvyatt be even better than Ricciardo? Who knows.

    Hamilton = Bottas
    This one is pretty obvious, with Bottas’ connections to Mercedes and Wolff.

    Alonso = Hulkenberg and/or Bianchi
    I can’t decide who is better. For now I say Hulk, but Bianchi is younger and has never driven anything other than a Marussia.



    Vettel – Ricciardo
    Ricciardo has shown so far that he is very much capable of stepping up to being Red Bull’s No.1 driver. At present, Kvyat seems likely to partner him if and when Vettel leaves.

    Hamilton – Bottas
    As mentioned, this one is clear with the Wolff and Mercedes connection coinciding with his impressive speed. He is an absolute shoe-in to replace either Hamilton or Rosberg (depending on the circumstances after the 2015 season – my prediction. One will leave. Probably more likely Hamilton).

    Alonso – Hulkenberg
    Hulkenberg would be a like-for-like replacement, as both are serial point-scorers and, in a top car, would be serial podium-finishers. I’m not sure if it will be Hulkenberg who replaces Alonso for 2016 though. Vettel’s often linked to that seat. I’d say Raikkonen will be replaced by Bianchi for that year onwards.



    Depends, is Frijns ever going to get an F1 seat?


    R.J. O’Connell

    That depends on how much the price of grandstand tickets goes up.


    Craig Woollard

    Depends, is Frijns ever going to get an F1 seat?

    Unfortunately, it looks unlikely. Which is a shame, because every race that I have watched him in, he has driven very well!


    Sri Harsha

    Same as above
    Vettel – Kvyat/Ricciardo
    Alonso – Bianchi/Hulkenberg
    Hamilton – Bottas/Magnussen
    I add kevin cos he was showing his raw pace some times but its a bit fluctuating more than other rookies , when he can maintain his pace consistently and get a better car i feel he can be easily replaced for lewis along with Bottas


    Iestyn Davies

    Agreed.. and if there was a fourth, then possibly Raikkonen by Grosjean, as we saw in 2013.

    @kingshark Well, they both did a FP1 year with Force India.. so it depends on how they stacked up against their team-mates in those years?

    What about after those three? I would bet on Kvyat, Marciello and Verstappen.. there’s too many to pick from!

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