The endless "what if"s

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    Hi! We always see one of us mentioning “If this driver hadn’t made that mistake, he would have one (more) WDC now…”
    Few days ago I was watching the 2010 Season Review, and for all those who say “If Fernando had passed Petrov / if Ferrari had changed his strategy…”, well, let me add some “what if”s about the other dirvers in contention:
    “If Mark hadn’t crashed in Korea…”
    “If Lewis hadn’t been so aggressive against Massa in Monza…”
    “If Mark hadn’t crashed Lewis in Singapore…”
    “If Jenson hadn’t had that streak of bad luck mid-season…”
    “If Sebastian hadn’t crashed Mark in Turkey (that may have resulted in a duel with only the RB boys for the champioship in Abu Dhabi)…”

    So as you can see, the “what if”s will always make our favorite driver the unluckiest, so now i hope you can write other situations like these ones, about any season you prefer.



    “If Michael’s engine hadn’t expired in Suzuka…”

    “If Fernando hadn’t crashed in Monte-Carlo during FP3…”

    Off the top of my head. :)



    For 2010? What if Lewis never got that puncture in Spain forcing a DNF from 2nd?

    I which I could have seen this though – What if post-Mclaren Alonso had picked RedBull instead of Renault?



    For 2012 what if Hamilton had still been disqualified from qualifying in the Spanish grand prix, but Alonso passed Maldonado in the race and won.. He would have been world champion by 5 points not runner up by 3 points


    James Brickles

    For 2003

    “What if Raikkonen’s engine hadn’t blown up at the Nurburgring and had gone on to win that race?”

    For 1999

    “What if Heinz-Harald Frentzen’s car didn’t pack up whilst leading at the Nurburgring? And at the same race, what if Ferrari hadn’t botched Irvine’s pit-stop?”



    For 2005 what if Raikkonen’s suspension hadn’t collapsed/ failed on the last lap due to flat spotted tyres or he had pitted earlier to change them? might not have affect the out come of the championship but would have made closer. Maybe even pressured Alonso into making a mistake


    @f1fanf1fan oh, that race… I almost cried in the end (or did I?). I remember the TV host saying on the previous laps “that tyre is vibrating so much, it could blow” “it could make Kimi spin”… and then on the last lap it happened. Sore day.



    For 1999

    What if Luca Badoer didn’t have a poor pitstop and his gearbox didn’t fail at Nurburgring. He would have likely finished 2nd in a Minardi :(



    @f199player I was going to post about that one! Luca <3



    @fixy It was a sad day for all, could you imagine a Minardi finishing on the podium? :(

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