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    sbl on tour

    dont really care much for this bloke, bet webber doesnt like him much either!





    EDIT: I realised who you’re talking about. Webber can’t be fond of Marko, but they might have got along more if Webber was faster.



    Lol, At first I read the name of this thread and thought it was about Rossi.

    Anyway, Vettel is certainly his man, I guess you hated it when he collected the constructors trophy.



    I watched Marko win at Le Mans in 1971, then got quite sad when he lost an eye at Charade in 72. He looks like a nice guy in the movie “The Speed Merchants” and was a good friend of Jochen Rindt. Not that many people in today’s F1 can trace their “roots” that far. I personally think is a great guy and I feel happy for him.



    I have to say, I didn’t like him from the press reports, but when I saw the interview I opined more along the lines of Jihelle, but without the historical experience on the matter.

    Easy to knock people on forums, who you’ve never met. I’m looking at your ‘Legard your time is up’ thread! ;)



    I disagree with him [Marko and his comments] but I’m pretty sure he’s not Hitler.



    For who’s not familiar with the “Speed Merchants” here is the part with Marko.


    Quite amazing to realize that the guy was driving a BRM in 1972 and 38 years later sitting on the podium with Vettel. At the time he was considered on par with Lauda.


    sbl on tour

    @stretch, didnt mind him winning as he always comes across as a decent bloke



    Marko has his good points and bad points. He was a good racer in his time, and indeed was a friend of Rindt. Despite losing sight in one eye after a racing accident in 1972, he has continued to love the sport and guide young talent to the top, as he has with Vettel.

    That said, he has also been very protective of Vettel, to the point where it has affected the team’s objectiveness with Vettel and Webber as its drivers. He has also said some silly things in the press, most notably after that mess in Turkey, and has done well to keep quiet since.

    He’s human like the rest of us. Love him or hate him for who he is.

    Personally, I don’t dislike the guy, but I’m not a fan of his Vettel fanboy status, either. With Vettel World Champion now, I honestly think Marko shouldn’t intervene in Vettel’s affairs (or the team’s affairs, in fact) as much now.

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