The long-term repercussion of Jenson vs Lewis incident

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    I know last season a lot of bad blood was created between Webber and Vettel after their accident in Turkey. How do you think the incident today between Jenson and Lewis will affect the long term “amicability” within the team?



    Not at all.



    Probably a bit, they both seem to accept the other’s point of view, but even though he knows it wasn’t totally Jenson’s fault I think Hamilton will probably feel he took the win away from him.



    Lewis has to look at himself first



    Looking at the replays, looking at the post crash reactions (once they’d cooled down) they seem to have both acepted it was just one of those things.

    Hamilton put his car in a place he was perfectly entitled to, Button didn’t see him because of the conditions. I reckon thats why neither will be getting a grid drop next race for it. An Hamiltons reaction to Buttons win on the beeb said it all, these two seem to genuinley get on.

    People like trigger need to consider there black and white statements before making them.



    Y’see, I think Lewis may feel more than a little bit aggrieved behind his shiny PR mask come next race. Jenson doesn’t have to be too bothered by it as he won the race, but Lewis probably is thinking to himself “I’m a better driver, I would have won it had Jenson not punted me off”.

    I quite expect Lewis to be even more aggressive about things on the track should the pair of them find themselves side by side again.



    Oh blah blah blah. He couldn’t see in his mirrors. Stop kissing Button’s a## he moved over when he knew Lewis had position.



    Faraz: you can see he looks in his mirrors when Hamilton is still behind him, then he moves over to take the racing line, not saying it wasn’t his fault but it would have been stupid for him to do it on purpose.



    I don’t think that Button moved across with the intention of ramming Hamilton, I think he moved across with the intention of claiming/maintaining the racing line. However I thought that he would have been aware of the presence of Hamilton there but going by his radio he was very surprised.



    Not at all. Button already apologised.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Button and Hamilton seem to get along pretty well. Although Hamilton is the golden child of McLaren as Vettel is at Red Bull, Button is a little bit more reasonable about it all than Mark Webber. Webber’s standard PR tactics seem to be to complain the moment something goes badly for him to try and get the public on-side.

    And although the McLaren collision in Canada was during a battle for position, it was early in the race and it wasn’t for the lead.


    Button looked in his mirrors when Lewis was directly behind him. Immediately afterwards, Lewis made his move and as Jenson still thought Lewis was behind him, he took his normal racing line. It was a genuinely unfortunate incident that I believe was no more Lewis’ fault than it was Jenson’s. I think the McLaren boys and the team in general will take the incident for what it was and move on from it far better than the Red Bull team did. At least they’ve come away with a victory from this, the ultimate moral boost.



    anyway i think the relationship betn the 2 is deteriorating. Slater was saying button said their are okay professionally and he didnt seem very keen on the idea that the 2 were good frnds outside.



    They’ll be fine, Lewis is taking responsibility for what happened so both drivers aren’t blaming themselves, and the team isn’t clearly playing favourites so it won’t be like Red Bull after Turkey 2010.



    As nearly everyone’s said, Button looked in his mirrors, may have seen Hamilton or may not through the spray and held the racing line, thinking (if he had seen Hamilton) that Hamilton would go down the right hand side instead of the left. Hamilton thought Button had seen him and went down the left which was where Button was going for the racing line.

    By the time both of them had noticed what was going to happen, Hamilton was inside the rapidly decreasing wedge and made contact with Button.


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