The most likely driver to return to F1

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    I’ve just thought about this. Schumacher has come back, De la Rosa, Heidfeld and a few more have come back after time out. So which of these drivers do you think is most likely to come back, or most deserved of an F1 drive?

    Nelson Piquet

    Romain Grosjean

    Kazuki Nakajima

    Luca Badoer

    Scott Speed

    Sebastien Bourdais

    Marcus Winckelhock

    Christijan Albers

    Anthony Davidson

    Takuma Sato



    I’ll start us going. I’d say

    1st – Nakajima

    2nd – Grosjean

    3rd – Bourdais



    I’d say

    1. Grosjean

    2. Raikkonen

    3. Davidson



    1) Grosjean

    2) Pantano

    3) Nakajima



    1) Raikkonen

    2) Raikkonen

    3) Okay, I’ll behave

    Apart from Grosjean I don’t think any have any chance bar a driver injury. Which is saying something because Grosjean is a journeyman-in-waiting at best



    Grosjean, great chance, was doing great in GP2 before his crash, fantastic championship win in Auto GP this year. If he bags a GP2 title this year he should be in, people have taken note of the guy again, probably not a champion but definatley a winner in the right car.

    Great response to his Renault disaster, really not the right team for a rookie to be comming in on.



    1) Grosjean

    2) Sato (Please bring him back)

    3) Nakajima



    Non of them. Recycling old drivers is annoying. I want to see new drivers.



    1. Raikkonen – Doesn’t need explaining

    2. Grosjean – Still young, deserves a chance with someone easier than Alonso

    3. Nakajima – Did alright in 2008, so would be nice to see him with a lower midfield team



    I don’t think Kimi will return but he should. Then Badoer deserves a season with Ferrari for the bad treatment and to win a race.



    I’d have to agree with Tommy B on this one. These guys have had they’re chance and for one reason or another it hasn’t worked out for them.

    Bring on the newbies. F1 needs to move forwards, not backwards.

    All the teams should have a young driver development program.

    And this business of pay drivers. Really annoying. I’m not naive and I realise that money talks in F1 but I don’t really want to see someone buy his way into a seat if he aint good enough.



    I agree with Icthyes. I can only see Grosjean coming back and even that will take a while. The rest have really had their chance.


    sbl on tour

    bourdais, but he,s probably better off without it and doing very well, thankyou!



    1. Chandhok

    2. Grosjean

    3. Klien



    Grosjean is the only one who has a chance on coming back.

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