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The music in the Red Bull Paddock

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    Hey guys!

    Does anybody know what the song is called which the Red Bulls are playing in the paddock almost every weekend, the tune in the backround in this interview from the BBC forum with S. Vettel:

    much appreciated!

    I have gone mad on the search of this tune

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    I’m pretty sure it’s something by La Roux, not sure what exactly though.

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    its called ”Doing it for the kill” by La Roux

    Hope that helps.

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    i beleive its actually the ‘Skream Lets Get Ravey’ remix of that song. its a lot more stripped down musically until the dancey bit at the end.

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    I think irishlad is correct, but he’s made a mistake with the title.

    It’s “Going in for the kill”

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    It’s actually just called “In for the kill”.

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    Ned Flanders

    Hated that song when it was in the charts. Hate it now. That woman has a voice like one of them embarrassing nominees on the XFactor or something…

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    Big thank you all!

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    If anyone’s interested, Red Bull Racing have been putting up some playlists on Spotify that were used during the race weekends this year while they’re doing their car preparation/celebrations. There seems to be something for everyone (I mean, Beastie Boys followed by “Call Me Maybe” and then some Justice to give you an idea of the variety!) and it’s nice to open one and leave it playing. You might even discover some new music! Of course there’s some nonsense in there but you can’t like everything.

    Their Spotify username is redbullracinggarage.

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    They often change songs though. I remember “The Big Bad Wolf” by Duck Sauce was often used from Suzuka onwards. I still think they should’ve edited the song to say “The Big Red Bull” instead :P

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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