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    We’re a few races in now so how do you think they’ve done? I’ve read a lot more positive HRT comments on the site recently than last year so they’ve won a few fans it seems and gained a bit of speed. Virgin seem to be struggling but maybe they want to build a solid car before a quick one. How do you feel about Lotus? They’ve made the best gains which is a huge achievement but with their lofty press statements I expected a bit more to be honest. So how would you rate them and their drives so far?



    I don’t really care about the bottom of the pack, but i’ll have a go

    Lotus are a lot closer to the midfield established teams then last year, so about: 8/10 (based on teamwork, as they seem to be a lot closer due to the poor williams).

    Heikki Kovalainen 7/10 (seems better with midfield teams then when he was at mclaren)

    Jarno Trulli 7/10 (i respect him a lot, not just as a driver, but as a person)

    Virgin seem to be still in the same place as the end of last year: 5/10

    Timmo Glock 8/10 (Just for persavering with the poor car)

    Jerome D’Ambrosio 7/10 (seems to have potential)

    HRT are closing in on Virgin, and proving all those doubters out there wrong (well, almost): 8/10

    Vitantonio Luizzi 8/10 (ssems to ber giving the team the right output

    2nd Driver (dont make me spell his name!) 6/10 (Not the best driver ever)



    There has been a complete turn-around in opinion on HRT in the last 4/5 weeks, you’d think they were an entirely different team. Some of the the things that were being suggested by people regarding HRT’s future after Australia were cruel, so I am very glad they are recovering a bit. Virgin need to get their backsides in gear.



    Lotus: Full marks to Lotus from me…they are a proper racing team and have been the best of the newbies from the start. Their attitude is right, they are putting good structures in place and they are getting quicker and quicker each race. Heikki is driving as well as he ever has and really seems to be enjoying his racing at the minute. The same can’t be said of Trulli, seems like he can’t be bothered most of the time. The fight with Lotus is annoying, but I’d support them even if they were Caterham or Team AirAsia. And the car is so pretty!

    Virgin: D+, could do better. The MRV02 isn’t much better than the VR01 and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Glock doesn’t seem to be doing as good a job of driving the team forward as Kovalainen is…he needs to up his game.

    HRT: I love their fighting spirit! No money, no testing, and already giving Virgin a hard time! I wish they had a solid financial package, because I’d love to see them progress the way Lotus are doing. Liuzzi is doing a solid job, but Narain is out of his depth. I wish people could put aside thier dislike of Colin Kolles, because HRT need all the support they can get.



    There’s alot of bad comments being said about Nahrain but I think he will have a few moments of beating Liuzzi, never rated Liuzzi that highly to be honest.

    Lotus and Virgin are getting better, the only difference is that Virgin don’t have the speed of the Lotus. From what I can see that is the only difference in overall team improvement. They are both looking and acting like professional teams.

    HRT still look like F1 noobs




    Has developed really well since last year, reaching the midfield on pure racing speed. When compared to the other two new teams that is really great.


    Last year they were awful, not even bringing a special wing at Monza. Hopefully this year they’ll continue on improving as they have done in the last three races, passing from not qualifying to beating a Virgin.


    Last year they were usually faster than the HRTs, but few developments and little efforts have let HRT reach them, and they have lost last year’s advantage. Should be further ahead.

    Order of improvement from 2010:

    1. Lotus

    2. HRT

    3. Virgin

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