The solution to wet races

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    Found this on Youtube;



    Very impressive! But with wet races often being some of the most interesting, is this a solution to something which we might not want to be too quick to call a problem!

    Putting the whole grass/gravel/tarmac run off area debate to one side for a moment, perhaps it could be a good solution for run off areas though, i.e. you can still slide off the racetrack, but have a better chance of slowing or stopping on the run off. I bet it’s massively more expensive than regular tarmac though.

    RIP Bianchi



    Very interesting, however since it is porous (to let the water flow down), I wonder how long it will hold before you have craters forming due to the load of an f1 car… Not sure it holds as well as current tarmac.

    However it could be a good drain on the side of the track to avoid too much water on track. While wet races are fun to watch, I still think they have a big problem when they have running water on track and the problem is not the grip of the car but the visibility.
    Hence direct switch to intermediate when they can race.

    This system on the side of track would allow them to race under rain, not only drizzle.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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