the 'we pretend' game

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    just a rolling game idea which I’ve thought of (not an original concept, but I won’t mention the source since this site is civilised)..poster no. 1 says ‘we pretend it’s season X (maybe even race Y within that season; or any other particulars)’ and poster no. 2 gives accurate, but fittingly humorous (or not) statements which reflect that period

    a couple of examples

    – poster 1: ‘we pretend it’s 1962’

    poster 2: ‘look at that, Brabham thinking he can make his own competitive car’

    – poster 1: ‘we pretend it’s the 1999 European Grand Prix

    poster 2: ‘what a good idea it would be to just plant sprinklers and turn them on mid-race, we just might have some more races like this one’ (Alan Jones used to jokingly say this repeatedly during Channel Nine’s coverage of Grands Prix)

    edit: I forgot to give the period to start the game..anyway, we pretend it’s 1995

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