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F1 discussion

The worst places to have had a Grand Prix

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    Avatar of Zadak

    The Bahrain GP has happened, that’s done now.

    There have been a lot of people that have been against the race due to political reasons or safety reasons.

    But what have been the worst places F1 has visited over the years?

    I’ll get the ball rolling with old Grand Prix racing which raced in Nazi Germany a few times before the war.

    Avatar of duncanmonza

    There was a Grand Pix in Cuba in 1958 during the revolution in which Juan Manuel Fangio was kidnapped.

    Avatar of Maciek

    Here’s a pretty good read on the Fangio kidnapping and accompanying tragic race – can’t believe I hadn’t heard of that before.
    I remember seeing parts of a documentary about a Brit driver who drove for Mercedes in the 30s (sporting a swastika on the car, oy vey) who was involved in some spy story – any idea of the name of the film maybe?

    Avatar of goofy

    @maciek maybe Dick Seaman? He also did the Hitler salute on the podium after winning the 1938 German Grand Prix,6903,782811,00.html

    South Africa, Rhodesia, facist Spain, facist Portugal, facist Argentine, China, USA

    Avatar of mdbooth

    The Daily Mash is full is good suggestions, as always.

    Avatar of mrgrieves

    Abu Dhabi is just terrible!

    Avatar of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    @mrgrieves – I think you’re missing the point of this topic. I think Zadak wants to know the worst places to have held a Grand Prix based on the surroundings rather than the racing that places has produced or the quality of the circuit. Abu Dhabi is by no means a bad place – it’s all monolitic skyscrapers on the waterfront, which is hardly the worst place in the world, even if the racing the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix produces is of a generally low quality. On the other hand, the Bahrain Grand Prix was held in the midst of civil uprising and violent clashes between protesters and police. The quality of the racing or the circuit doesn’t come into it: the atmosphere and the backdrop mae it horrible.

    Personally, I think Phoenix and Detroit were two of the worst places for races. Phoenix was just so bland; the only way it could have been worse would have been if the race was in Scottsdale. As for Detroit, I don’t know what it was like in the 1980s, but looking at it today, I see a city that is rotting.

    Avatar of John Ward
    John Ward

    Wasn’t there, but i read Las Vegas parking lot would be up there as one of the worst

    Avatar of Thecollaroyboys

    I reckon Las Vegas would be fantastic. I love the place.

    Avatar of Joey-Poey

    Not when you see the sort of temporary parking lot circuit they build… I’m siding with John here. It was an unimaginative track. A series of switch-backs and two straights.

    Avatar of David-A


    Avatar of DavidS

    Apologies for being childish, but Richard Seaman has to be one of the most unfortunate names ever.

    Avatar of Powderfinger

    Top of the list:
    Abu Dhabi
    Valencia Street Circuit
    South Korea, has Bernie planned a Grand Prix in North Korea yet?
    That would be terrible.

    Avatar of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys


    South Korea, has Bernie planned a Grand Prix in North Korea yet?

    Why would holding a race in the South suggest Bernie is planning a race in the North?

    Sure, they are both Koreas … but they’re worlds apart.

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