Theory about Red Bull front wing

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    I was wondering the other day how Red Bull get their front wing to flex so much during the race but still manage to past the compliance tests.

    Could it be possible that they apply heat to it during the race? You could easily run a heated element through the wing. I don’t know much about carbon fiber, but my meager understanding is that heat will cause it to lose rigidity.

    So, when it comes time to run the car, they switch on the heated element and the wing starts to flex…

    Crazier things have been done, no?




    The RedBull (Opposite to) Custard Wing!!

    Maybe it’s a weave of carbon fibre that act’s the oppisite of custard!

    Custard is solid when high force acts upon it, punch it and you can’t break the surcface.

    However when a low force is used it acts differently, slowly put you’re finger in a bowl of custard, and it will go through the surface of the custard!

    At low speeds/standing still, where low forces are put on the wing, it is solid and immovable.

    So maybe the high forces at high speed, acting on the wing cause the properties of it and make it bend!

    April 1st – I’m sure you’ll hear more far-out things today than my theory.



    I think it is the whole nose/wing combo flexing at the join with the tub, Anyone remember (I think it was Webber?) the nose failing at the join last year in a practise session?


    Keith Collantine

    We’ve already got other threads on this, such as the one posted in the second comment.

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