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F1 discussion

Todt wants drivers to choose their own numbers

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    “Just like they do anyway, with their helmets and current car numbers. Then they’d do it again next year.”

    You see… they do it for one year, get new numbers and you’re back to square 1, not knowing who is what number.

    I have no idea what number Sutil is, or Petrov, or Alguersuari. No idea! Because they change every year & there’s no point remembering them.

    You’d remember them if they kept the same one.

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    I’d love drivers to have a number as their identity, like Rossi with his number 46. The car number should be big on the front nose cone AND on the side of the rear wing. It’s a shame we don’t see the number there any more, I think it should be a written rule.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Some teams do it, and many that don’t put their numbers on that vertical fin alongside the sidepods. Force India are the only team that don’t really have visible numbers.

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    It really isn’t that big of a problem. Do you really think of Buemi had the same number year-in, year-out casual fans would remember him better? No.

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    Adam Tate

    I love this idea, please implement it FIA, and make the numbers on the cars large and legible like they were back in the day!

    Thanks :)

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    I don’t really care if driver’s were allowed to choose their number. I got quite used to the champion getting the number 1. It’s sort of a reward.

    Nevertheless, I do agree with other posts in here, that the numbers should be clearly visible on the cars.

    I like what Williams did this year, with the number on the sidepod. Now it doesn’t to be like this, but a clearly visible number on the rear wing or on the side should be made mandatory.

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    car numbers should look like these:×375.jpg

    i guess circular panels would be ok too.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I got quite used to the champion getting the number 1. It’s sort of a reward.

    The idea is that every driver picks his own number, which he would use for the duration of his career. They only number they cannot use is the number 1, because that is the champion’s right. When a driver wins the World Championship, he may either use the number 1, with his number being put into reserve (so that someone else cannot take it while he is not using it), or he may use his regular number instead of the number 1 (as Valentino Rossi does). It’s the driver’s choice.

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    That’s the point. You never saw Rossi with the #1, rendering it basically useless.

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    In F1 the drivers identity is not on the numbers, but in the helmets colors. And unfortunatelly they are selling is identity, making the helmet just a part in the car design.

    For me, more important than the numbers would be the drivers using the helmet as a real identity.

    Profile photo of TommyB

    Numbers should be this big on the cars.

    Also with Penske it’s easy to tell the drivers apart:

    Red – Castroneves

    White – Briscoe

    Black – Power (lol)

    Each car is slightly different but you can clearly see they are all team mates.

    Profile photo of dennis

    lol! “Even blind people must be able to see them!”

    Profile photo of Calum

    I agree with the point saying it will clarify situations like Race Control: Stewards investigating cars 3 and 5 or whatever – it’s confusing just now, but could be simplfied if driver ‘own’ a number.

    I think of Hamilton as #2 because he has had a 2 on his car 4 times in 5 seasons: 2,2 & 2 = 22 ;) ,1,2,3!!

    They can bring this rule in for 2013 when we have huge new aero rules, engine rules and whatever else they decide (random powerups? :S)

    Profile photo of Icthyes

    There’s going to be a big fight for the #2!

    Mark “not bad for a #2 driver” Webber

    Felipe “Fernando is faster than you” Massa

    Barrichello “my team-mates always beat me to the title” Barrichello

    Kimi “I was having a ****” Raikkonen (think about it)

    Profile photo of Tomsk

    Which numbers would you give the drivers and why?

    The proposal for them to choose their own number is back again – sounds like there are meetings next week, in one (or more) of those FIA councils, strategy groups, sub-committees, working groups or task forces.

    I guess there’ll be a few birth years like Marc Marquez’s 93 (good, it’ll use up some numbers in the 80s and 90s), plus home départements or zip codes, number of their first kart, and birthdays of wives, kids or dogs. I’d also suggest:

    Vettel – he’s number 1 for the foreseeable future, but I’d give him 13, to bring him some bad luck and give the others a chance.
    Alonso – just about deserves to carry the fabled 27, for the way he drove last year and early this year.
    Massa – 28 because he was Ferrari’s number two for so long.
    Hamilton – probably wants a “Senna number” to go with his latest green & yellow helmet and God-bothering. I’d give him a red 5 because he’s more like Mansell – spectacular in the car but hard work and a drama queen out of it.
    Magnussen – 7 or 11 because it rhymes with Kevin.
    Number 2 was perfect for Mark Webber, but not sure who’d get it now.

    Any other ideas?

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