Top 10 drivers in your lifetime

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    I seen in another topic where an arguement started about how people can judge someone when they werent alive to see this person and it got me on to a good idea, the top 10 drivers in your lifetime. As im only 20 and started watching formula 1 since 96 i cant say Senna (although after researching him so much and watching the incredible Senna film i want to). Heres mine in no order:

    Schumacher – was a sworn enemy in our household in his first career but looking back at what he achieved in the early noughties its impossible not to have this man in any list. In his 2nd im actually a fan now, must be the British tradition of backing the underdog.

    Alonso – hate his personality but he is widely regarded as the best driver of the current crop and with good reason. Managed to outdrive a Minardi in his debut season and took the fight to Schumacher and beat him which is arguably why the 7 time champ retired.

    Hakkinen – Was very quick on his day and Schumi even called his 2000 championship the most satisfying after he beat Mika. I remember the 2000 belgian gp like it was yesterday with his amazing move on Michael and Zonta

    Hamilton – was straight into a championship fight in his debut season and if not for such a strong team mate might have won it. Did however win in his 2nd season and although he has come under fire recently he is still one of the most exciting overtakers in the business.

    Coulthard – a very good driver on his day, wasnt always consistent however and had his fair share of bad luck which is maybe why he didnt win a title. With at least 10 seasons at the top (Williams & Mclaren) he was always their or thereabouts amongst the top runners and has the accolade of being the Brit with most championship points to his name

    Rikknen – a fast, no nonsense racer that had no time for the limelight, he just wanted to go fast. Was the only driver who really got close to ending Schumis dominance in 2003 and managed win a race in the 2004 Mclaren at his favourite track and a real driver circuit: Spa Francorchamps. Won a thrilling race in Suzuka in 2005, performing one of he greatest overtakes ever on the last lap to win the race from 17th. Finally won the title in 2007 after delivering in the last 3 races to pip both Mclarens. was very quick in the latter part of 2009 in a dog of a car.

    Montoya – a very outspoken driver, but that made him even more special in his fans eyes. A great improviser with a brilliant flair for overtaking, Montoya struggled with the discipline of Formula One, making too many mistakes. On his day however he was awesome and is the driver still realistically able to win the triple crown.

    Hill – Maybe a bit to ‘soft’ for the sport, Schumacher really got to him at times, but was well loved in our house. Was my first idol and i remember to this day when he crossed the line in Japan to win his championship. Was a very intelligent driver and it was hard not to fight back tears watching Hungary in 97 but then wooping for joy in 98 at Spa,retirement was a messy and unpleasant affair that marred his career.

    Button – would have originally billed Buttons career as what-might-have-been. But now Button has realized in the last 3 seasons all that potential so many people doubted. He remains supremely gifted, rarely making mistakes and capable as he proved in Brazil 09 to take the title and Canada last week of breathtaking overtaking manoeuvres. Showed huge courage to join Mclaren but is now reaping the rewards and is showing what he can do in a consistently quick car Sometimes he is too understated for his own good but he will be one of the most popular of champions among his peers in Formula One.

    Vettel – in my opinion he still has a lot show but their is no doubt he is very quick over one lap and is very mature for his age, being able to lead countles races from lights to finsh. Question marks still remain over his overtaking and hes shown hes still human last week after Buttons relentless pursuit of him. Not a fan of him out of the car at all, really dislike the finger waving and everything but a talent with a few more titles to come.



    I hold Heinz-Harald Frentzen in high regard. I would have liked his career to last a few more years, and to have more competitive cars.



    funny enough Frentzen was up their but i didnt think itd suit being called a top 11 so he made way for vettel



    Well, for me, Formula 1 has come and gone in three phases, so I’ll list my drivers accordingly:

    Group 1

    1. Schumacher

    2. Hakkinen

    3. Barrichello

    4. Villeneuve

    5. Frentzen

    Group 2

    6. Montoya

    7. Raikkonen

    8. Alonso

    Group 3

    9. Hamilton

    10. Vettel

    It’s kind of an odd distribution, but I suppose that, as one becomes older and more knowledgeable about the sport, it’s inevitable to judge drivers in a more objective (and perhaps harsher) manner. Nonetheless, objectively speaking, I do think that the current field of drivers is in general more talented than that of, say, 1997.



    I was born in 1996, so I’d say that from 1996-2011 the best drivers were:

    1) Schumacher

    2) Alonso

    3) Hakkinen

    4) Hamilton

    5) Raikkonen

    6) Coulthard

    7) Button

    8) Montoya

    9) Barrichello

    10) Massa

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