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Top 10 F1 drivers of the 21st Century

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    The title says it all. Here’s my list:

    01) Michael Schumacher

    02) Mika Hakkinen

    03) Sebastian Vettel

    04) Fernando Alonso

    05) Lewis Hamilton

    06) Kimi Raikkonen

    07) Juan Pablo Montoya

    08) Rubens Barrichello

    09) David Coulthard

    10) Jaque Villeneuve

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    Fer no.65

    21st Century?

    1.- Nelsinho Piquet

    2.- Piquet Jr

    3.- Nelson Piquet Jr

    4.- that bloke that crashed at Singapore 2008.

    5.- Nelsinho Piquet

    Profile photo of Journeyer

    My list considers who’ve done well this century. As of today:

    1. Michael Schumacher

    2. Fernando Alonso (believe it or not, he’s the only guy other than Schumacher who’s won multiple titles this century)

    3. Kimi Raikkonen

    4. Lewis Hamilton

    5. Jenson Button

    6. Mika Hakkinen

    7. Sebastian Vettel

    8. Mark Webber

    9. Felipe Massa

    10. Rubens Barrichello

    Honorable Mentions: David Coulthard, Juan Pablo Montoya, Robert Kubica, Ralf Schumacher, Jarno Trulli. The Jacques Villenueve of the 21st century was a pale shadow of the Jacques of the 20th.

    If Webber wins the title this year, he will move up to 6th for me, ahead of Hakkinen (who like Villeneuve saw his best form in the 20th century rather than the 21st). If Vettel wins, I may actually move him up to 5th, ahead even of Button.

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    Schumacher (Ralf… just kidding)










    and no I’m not going to put them in any order.

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    Kinda difficult – Hakkinen was a top driver who drove in the 21st Century but his best performances came just before it. So he had the calibre but not the results.

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    Dan Thorn

    Has to be Schumacher at 1 and Alonso at 2. After that it’s kinda difficult, but for me it goes like this:

    3. Hamilton

    4. Montoya

    5. Raikkonen

    6. Button

    7. Webber

    8. Vettel

    9. Massa

    10. Barrichello

    The likes of Hakkinen and Villeneuve all had great drives since 2000 but I haven’t included them becauce their best was in the last century. DC would probably be 11th on my list.

    Profile photo of Girts

    1. Fernando Alonso

    2. Lewis Hamilton

    3. Michael Schumacher

    4. Kimi Raikkonen

    5. Felipe Massa

    6. Sebastian Vettel

    7. Mark Webber

    8. Robert Kubica

    9. Jenson Button

    10. Rubens Barrichello

    Profile photo of Todfod

    Maybe I’m the only guy who is not placing Schumi at the top

    1) Fernando Alonso

    2) Lewis Hamilton

    3) Michael Schumacher

    4) Kimi Raikkonnen

    5) Sebastian Vettel

    6) Robert Kubica

    7) Mika Hakkinnen

    8) Juan Pablo Montoya

    9) Nico Rosberg

    10) Felipe Massa

    Profile photo of Todfod

    Girts you just beat me to it!

    Profile photo of Girts

    Yeah I just think that Alonso and Hamilton have been performing better in bad cars and that they have won a lot of races with more limited resources e.g. no tyres developed according to their specific wishes, less testing etc.

    Profile photo of Slr

    1) Michael Schumacher

    2) Fernando Alonso

    3) Kimi Raikkonen

    4) Lewis Hamilton

    5) Juan Pablo Montoya

    6) Felipe Massa

    7) Jenson Button

    8) Sebastian Vettel

    9) Mika Hakkinen

    10) Giancarlo Fisichella

    Profile photo of Journeyer

    Good point about Fisi, SLR. I’d swap him for Trulli in my Top 15.

    Profile photo of Ciaran

    1.Michael Schumacher

    2.Fernando Alonso

    3.Kimi Raikkonen

    4.Lewis Hamilton

    5.Rubens Barrichello

    6.Felipe Massa

    7.Juan Pablo Montoya

    8.Jenson Button

    9.Sebastian Vettel

    10.David Coulthard

    Profile photo of Juan Pablo Heidfeld
    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    1. Fernando Alonso

    2. Juan Pablo Montoya

    3. Lewis Hamilton

    4. Kimi Raikkonen

    5. Michael Schumacher – Was it really that hard to win with Ferrari?

    6. Jenson Button

    7. Sebastian Vettel

    8. Rubens Barrichello

    9. Giancarlo Fisichella

    10. Mika Hakkinen

    Profile photo of

    1 – Fernando Alonso

    2 – Michael Schumacher

    3 – Mark Webber

    4 – Lewis Hsmilton

    5 – Juan Pablo Montoya

    6 – Felipe Massa

    7 – Rubens Barrichello

    8 – David Coulthard

    9 – Jenson Button

    10 – Robert Kubica

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