Top ten greatest victories

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    Oh my word…I’ll give it a go. Some of these are for how memorable and amazing it seemed at the time moreso than a piece of great driving, but I still think it counts! I wish I had witnessed the early races now, but here’s a few I’ll chip in with:

    Button – Canada 2011
    Raikkonen – Suzuka 2005
    Senna – Monaco 1984
    Senna – Donington 1993
    Alonso – Sepang 2012
    Barrichello – Germany 2000



    I’ll pick wins from when I have watched F1 for real. So its 1999 to the present day.

    1. Kimi Raikkonen Suzuka 2005
    2. Shcumacher Suzuka 2000
    3.Alonso Valencia 2012
    4. Vettel India 2011
    5. Hakkinen Spa 2000
    6. Hakkinen Indianapolis 2001
    7 Schumacher 2003 Indianapolis
    8. Hamilton Silverstone 2008
    9. Barichello Hockenheim 2000
    10. Barichello Silverstone 2003



    It was a good win, but not a great one. Though I should point out, that contradictory to popular beliefs, McLaren and Renault had the fastest cars that race ahead of Ferrari. The track suited the Michelin tyres well, whereas the Bridgestones were literally falling apart.



    This is very hard for me, because, I’m completely biased on this. There have been great drives by other drivers, but I fondly remember the ones that Schumacher completed because through the 90’s I was a one eyed fan. So, I’m sorry if my votes are a bit lop sided, but they are as I remember them. I’ve only put in my top 5 as well, otherwise I could be here for a while ;)

    1. A. Senna – European GP 1993
    – Senna lapped everyone except for Damon Hill, who was 1m23secs behind him. The entire race was all about being on the right tyres for the conditions, and Senna made all the right calls that day, and managed to stay on the track and dominate the lap times as well. This has to be close to the perfect race results for any driver.

    2. M. Schumacher – Spain 1996
    – Dominated in Wet conditions in a pathetic Ferrari. He was at one point lapping 4 secs a lap faster than any other car in the early stages of the race. In fact, his race victory was so emphatic, that he had lapped all but the 2 cars behind him, and they were 45secs and 48secs off of him.

    3. M. Schumacher – European GP 1995
    – Hunted Down Alesi who started on slicks while everyone else was on wets and overtook him around the outside of the chicane. In the end, Schumacher pitted once more than Alesi, but still passed him.

    4. M. Schumacher – Belgian GP 1995
    – Started from 16th after a terrible qualifying session, D. Hill started from 8th were the main title protagonists. Schumacher made up all 16 positions to lead by the end of the race.

    5. M. Schumacher – Belgian GP 1992
    – Schumachers very first grand prix victory was won due to a very smart decision to come in for dry tyres. He was following his teammates Benetton (Martin Brundle), when he noticed that Brundle’s rear tyres were completely worn, so he pitted, and it was the perfect lap to do so and subsequently won the race.



    Hamilton – Austin 2012 – Just a spectacular inaugural GP and an all-out battle with Vettel that even got a clap at the end of the race from Vettel. It was an absolutely sublime display of skill from both drivers.



    1: Spa 1963; Clark won by 5 minutes
    2: Nürburgring 1968; Stewart won by 4 minutes
    3: Spain 1996; Schumacher dominates in pouring rain
    4: Suzuka 2005; That move by Kimi on Fisi was amazing
    5: Hungary 1998: 25 quali laps by Schumacher was awesome!!



    I apologise for the lack of historic races but I’m going to have to go for races from “my” time here.

    Raikkonen – Suzuka ’05
    Schumacher – Shanghai ’06
    Button – Canada ’11
    Barrichello – Hockenheim ’00
    Alonso – Hungaroring ’03
    Alonso – Malaysia ’12
    Hamilton – Silverstone ’08
    Schumacher – Magny Cours ’04
    Hakkinen – Spa ’00
    Massa – Interlagos ’08

    That last one I feel is tremendously underrated – seems everyone was keeping an eye on Hamilton in that race and didn’t really notice just how well Massa did. I think it’s hugely impressive for him to (with all that pressure) lead from start to finish, not to mention the rain showers at two different points in the race. He couldn’t have possibly done a better job.



    That Andrea de Cesaris win… Oops he did never win



    @electrolite Senna didn’t win in Monaco 1984. So how do you consider his performance among the top 10 greatest victories?


    Ed Marques

    Senna: Suzuka 1988, Brazil 1991 and 1993, Donnington 1993, Monaco 1992, Estoril 1985.
    Schumacher: Monaco 1997, Suzuka 2000, Spa 1995, Spain 1996.
    Hakkinnen: Spa 2000
    Mansell: Hungary 1989.
    There’s a lot of others :)



    @roald, ah I guess I forgot about the victories part and just remembered he drove a great race!



    Jackie Stewart in Nurburgring 1968. Has to be.

    The greatest wins I watched on TV are Senna atMonaco in 1992, Senna at Donington in 1993, Damon Hill at Suzuka in 1994, Schumacher at Catalunya in 1996, Hakinnen at Spa in 2000 Raikkonen at Suzuka in 2005.



    1. German GP 1968 – Jackie Stewart
    (One of the most difficult race in motorsport history. Sir Jackie won in heavy rainy and foggy Nurburgring track four minutes ahead of second place Graham Hill. Also what was interesting, Stewart driving F2 Matra three years old car and with broken right wrist.)

    2. Japanese GP 2000 – Michael Schumacher
    (One of the most important race for Ferrari team in F1 history and also for Michael Schumacher. Impressive tactical driving.)

    3. German GP 1957 – Juan Manuel Fangio
    (It was a great battle between two Ferrari’s and Fangio. In the middle of the race he had to go into the pits and fell to third place. With fast and precise driving at Nurburgring he managed to pass both Ferraris and won a championship title. El Maestro.)

    4. Italian GP 1969 – Jackie Stewart
    (Simply amazing way to achieve victory or even better to win a championship title.)

    5. British GP 1965 – Jim Clark
    (On the closing laps Clark’s Lotus 33 began to lose oil and Clark was turn off the engine at Stowe and Club corners but on the straight line he went with full throttle so the opponents didn’t notice his problem with the car. Simply impressive drive/win from Clark as like other his wins.)

    6. Spanish GP 1996 – Michael Schumacher
    (Won over 40 seconds ahead of second place Alesi with one pit stop more than the others. Schumacher’s fastest lap was over two second faster over second fastest lap in the race in Ferrari car which he said it was a worst undriveable f1 car which he drove.)

    7. Hungarian GP 1998 – Michael Schumacher
    (19 “qualifying laps” in the race and he build 29 seconds before he went into the pits. Amazing driving from Schumacher.)

    8. Monaco GP 1997 – Michael Schumacher
    (After first lap he had over 7 seconds gap ahead of second place Fisichella. I think this fact is enough to describe his driving at rainy Monte Carlo.)

    9. Monaco GP 1971 – Jackie Stewart
    (It was a brilliant win from Stewart. Not only he did won but he won a grand slam in Tyrrell car without rear brakes. 80 laps without rear brakes at Monte Carlo… it only can do Sir Jackie Stewart.)

    10. European GP 1993 – Ayrton Senna
    (Classical and impressive wet driving from Senna. He won over one minute ahead of second place Hill.)

    There are more great victories from Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham, Jochen Rindt, Niki Lauda, Gilles Villeneuve, Alain Prost etc, but for me these ten victories are the best.



    off the top of my head in no particular order

    Senna Monaco GP 92
    Senna European GP 93
    Mansell British GP 87
    Schumacher Spanish GP 96
    Raikkonen Japanese GP 05
    Hakkinen Belgium GP 00
    Senna Japanese GP 88
    Senna Brazilian GP 91
    Button Canadian GP 11
    Hamilton British GP 08



    I watched china 2011 last night. That was a pretty epic win from Hamilton. It also made me think, why don’t we have tyres like 2011, they were great. High deg, different strategies, but drivers still pushing like hell!

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