Top 5 races we have watched live

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    Watching since Monza 1994…

    5. 2005 San Marino

    4. 1994 Suzuka

    3. 2010 Turkey

    2. 1998 Suzuka

    1. 2008 Brazil



    Been watching since Suzuka 1996, here are a few races that felt special in one way or another:

    5. 1998 Belgium. I watched this at my friend’s house. When the mayhem happened, we both went “Is this real?” This was one of the few races I didn’t watch at home btw.

    4. 2000 Japan. This was the first time I cried because of F1. Not because Schumacher won, but because Hkkinen lost. I was so disappointed.

    3. 1997 Great Britain. Hkkinen retiring from the lead was one of my first “oh no” moments.

    2. 2008 Belgium. When you turn the volume all the way up and scream and jump up and down in front of the TV for three laps, it’s something special. Didn’t matter who won in the end, it was all about the crazy racing.

    1. 2007/8 Brazil. See above, except for three laps I was jumping up and down for the whole race. Both years.



    Only been watching F1 seriously since 2006.

    5. 2010 Australian Grand Prix

    4. 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix

    3. 2007 Japanese Grand Prix

    2. 2007 European Grand Prix

    1. 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix



    Watching since 2006.

    5 China 2011

    4 Brazil 2006

    3 Europe 2007

    2 Brazil 2008

    1 Korea 2010



    5. Canada 1995 – ok I didn’t watch it live, but I was 5 and I watched it on video about a week later without knowing the result, so that’s basically the same. The race got me hooked on F1

    4. Imola 2005 – supreme awesomeness from Fernando to hold off Schumacher

    3. Brazil 2003 – Crazy crazy race but I loved it

    2. Hungary 1997 – broke my 7 year old heart and I cried my eyes out when Hill lost, but it was an epic performance in a shit car with a hugely dramatic end.

    1. Brazil 2008 – was watching it on classic F1 about an hour ago, and 3 years on my heart was still trying to pound its way out of my chest. Incredible drama, it’s for those kind of moments that we watch sport.

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