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F1 discussion

Toro Rojo?

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    Hispania Need sponsorship

    Riciardo is off to HRT, at least for a little while

    What does everyone think about the odds of another Red Bull team coming from some sort of buyout of Hispania.

    Toro Rojo is Spanish for Red Bull but maybe they could call it The Red Bull Sugar Free Team.


    That sound be rather amusing if it did happen! Although realistically, I don’t think there’s much of a chance it will.

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    Well, I have to post this somewhere, so I’ll do it here ;)

    Like Geoffrey, I think it’s very unlikely. But I think it will be interesting to see how much of HRT’s advertising space will be taken by Red Bull, considering the livery is full of “cool spots”. It would be really weird to see three teams with “Red Bull” on their sidepods.

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    LL Jehto

    hmmm, this seems a likely candidate for some more action from The Closer.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Hispania Need sponsorship

    They seem to have done just fine for themselves this year without it.

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    If you were Red Bull, and were looking for a team to invest in, would you rather choose HRT (with very limited resources and limited experience in the sport) or buyout a team like Williams or Sauber?

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    Hahaha, 10 internets to you, Gaston.

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    Gaston, make it perfect, please make it perfect… *prays to all the Holy Babies of the universe*

    The meme begins with “Yo dawg, I herd”. ;)

    I’m adding another 10 Internet brownie points to those Icthyes just gave you.

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    Haha Gaston this is awesome

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    Yes! So true! Well done Gaston! :D

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    Supposing that Red Bull succeeded to offload the Toro Rosso team (for IPIC/Aabar group), now in partnership with TATA they could put together the HRT entry with Epsilon Euskadi structure and technology => TATA HISPANIA F1 TEAM (ESP) mainly sponsored by TATA and RedBull could turn to Jaguar F1 team once all assembled by 2014 onwards. Besides Spain, they could target mainly the USA and India market.

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    Oscar Becker

    Red Bull Racing

    Scuderia Toro Rosso

    Equipo Toro Rojo?

    What will they do next?

    Team Rot Stier (Mercedes buyout)

    Pasukan Merah Jantan (Lotus buyout)

    Tima Lala Baila (Force India buyout)

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    I fear it is only a metter of time before Red Bull owns ALL motorsport

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    Oscar Becker

    What about…

    FIA Red Bull Formula One World Championship

    Or even…

    FIA Formula Red Bull World Championship

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    Or even…

    Red Bull Formula Red Bull World Championship

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