Toro Rosso 2012 driver line up

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    Ive been thinking what if red bull put Daniel Ricciardo in the HRT to give him more expereinece before the 2012 season so he could be the led driver at Toro Rosso than put Jean-Éric Vergne in the other seat as the more rookie driver this would mean not extending the contracts of Buemi and Alguersuari who i believe have had there shot and havent shined. Just a theory but if you look back to the days of Speed, Liuzzi and Bourdais it seems like there is only a two year time limet to a seat at toro rosso

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    This makes sense with what Toro Rosso is ostensibly supposed to represent, however I believe the feeling is that Red Bull wants to part with Toro Rosso at its earliest convenience… I’m not sure if this fits in with the seeming lack of interest in dumping both Buemi and Alguersuari. I think you’re completely right in that they don’t appear to be anything special and its time for the next lot of Red Bull youngsters.

    I’m sure people will point out Buemi lead in Canada and Alguersuari has had some good runs, if that’s enough then they should have no problem slotting into another team or they should move up to the main team if they’re considered good enough. If they aren’t good enough to do either of those things then they shouldn’t be treading water at Toro Rosso when Ricciardo and Vergne are waiting in the wings.

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    Between Buemi and Alguersuari one has to drop for 2012,for me the later should stay have Ricardo in the second seat in the STR. Jean-Éric Vergne can be the third driver & also if they can afford they can have him in a small team to give him time for developing.

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    I agree, it would make sense to get rid of Alguersuari and Buemi; they both are likeable guys and often show good performance on the track but none of them seems to be the new Vettel after two and a half / three seasons with Toro Rosso. Ricciardo and Vergne seems to be the logical choice in that case. However, I have also heard that Buemi has a good relationship with dr. Helmut Marko and that Alguersuari brings some money to Toro Rosso (James Allen wrote about that). So the decision might not be straightforward but I believe there is a very high chance of seeing a different Toro Rosso driver line-up in 2012.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    If Toro Rosso is indeed being sold in its entirety, then the team needs continuity in its driver line-up.

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