Tracks you would like to see your favourite F1 drivers win at

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    Younger Hamii

    It’s fairly simple as the title suggests as well myself providing some examples :

    Hamilton : Bahrain (oddly), Monaco, Korea, Monza & Spain, maybe Suzuka as well.

    Button : Spa, Singapore, Brazil, Monza, Australia

    This applies for the 2012 season.

    You know what i want from my articles; mixed opinions/suggestions, reasons justifying your choices and that’s pretty much it. Cheers!!!

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    Button: Britain
    Webber: Australia
    Alonso: Spain
    Senna: Brazil
    Raikkonen: Belgium
    Hamilton: Everything Else

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    I’d like to see Lewis complete the set of Monaco, Silverstone, Spa & Monza. By winning Monza. He did Monaco, Silverstone & Spa in 08

    I’d like to see JB win GB

    Seb to win in Germany

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    Kobayashi to win in Japan above all else. :D

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    Button- GB, Spa, Monaco, Canada, USA.
    Massa- Monza, Catalunya, Valencia, Brasil.
    Mark- Australia, China, Hungary, Germany, Abu Dhabi.

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    @georgedaviesf1 Hamilton never won Spa in 2008…Massa won that year. Lewis did win there in 2010, though.

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    My first wish would be to see a Mark Webber victory in Melbourne. That would be a dream come true. But if he couldn’t manage, I’d love to see Button come out on top.

    I’d also really love to see Massa win in Brazil again.

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    I can wait for a German victory from Vettel, so I’d like to see Schumacher win in Hockenheim.

    And I also hope Webber will win Australia by beating his team mate. What better way to start the 2012 season than with the promise that Vettel is not going to have it all his way, and of course to finally witness Mark have a good home result since his debut in 2000.

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    Webber winning at Melbourne would probably be the best moment of my life

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    @jonnyw360f1 I still count Belgium 08 as Lewis victory. The word abomination doesnt fully cover the stewards decision.

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    No, but I think ‘Cheating toe-rag’ just about does!

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    Schumacher – Monaco, Germany, China
    Button – GB
    Massa – Brazil, Malaysia, Australia
    Alonso – The rest

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    It happened to me last year at Silverstone…great win!

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    Adam Tate

    Massa at Brazil first and foremost. Either as a way to cap off a great 2012 or an honorable way to sadly bow-out of Ferrari.

    Webber at Melbourne would be fantastic, I dare say the biggest crowd pleaser of all, and a great start to the season!

    I’d also love to see Kimi pull off another win at Spa.

    A win for Schumi, or Rosberg anywhere in 2012 would be a wonderful treat too!

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    Denzel Brown

    I want Lewis to really win his 100th Grand Prix at Hockenhiem and The British GP and Monza as well.

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