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    I’m sure many of you know the Urban Dictionary website, where anyone can suggest a word, phrase, or term that for the most part would never make it into the regular dictionaries of the world.

    Some are funny, others are clever, a fair few of them are vulgar, but whatever… I think it’s time that Motorsport had a dictionary of it’s very own.

    Of course we already have many terms that are common within motorsport that aren’t generally seen outside the automotive world: ‘Oversteer’, ‘Understeer’, ‘DRS’, ‘the Undercut’, ‘look but never stare’… but we’re not looking for those. They already exist.

    Are there any terms that you or your motorsport friends have ever come up with, or coined? Or are there any that you’ve heard that may not be quite so well known.

    Here’s my first one:

    Judd Trump
    1. (proper noun) An English snooker player.
    2 (verb) The sound a generally underpowered and unreliable late 80’s F1 engine makes when backfiring.

    For those who English isn’t their mother tongue, a ‘trump’ can be, amongst other things, a rather old-fashioned slang term for releasing wind from one’s bottom.

    Your go!


    1. (Proper noun) Family name of Brazilian F1 World Champion Nelson and his failed F1 driver son, Nelson Jr.
    2. (Verb) To deliberately crash your car in a motor race, allowing your team mate to benefit from the resulting Safety Car period. “That driver’s obviously Piquet-ed it.”

    1. (Proper noun) Family name of impressive young German F1 driver.
    2. (Verb) Phenomenon of losing your job to someone with more money, despite being the most outstanding candidate in your field. “I can’t believe I got Hulkenberged by my boss.”

    1. (Adjective) Of or resembling a spectacle; impressive, grand, or dramatic
    2. Unusually marked or great
    3. Kamui Kobayashi


    Stephen Jones

    1. (Proper Noun) Family name of an Australian Racing Driver
    2. (Verb) Going Backwards, when supposed to go forwards. “He really Webber-ed that start”..

    1. (Proper Noun) an Austrian Drinks Company
    2. (Proper Noun) an English F1 Team)
    3. (Verb) the act of crashing into your teammate. “they were going well until they did a RedBull”

    1. (Proper Noun) an ex-F1 team
    2. (Noun) being the Backmarker in an F1 field. “well, HRT’s going Minardi Style




    1. (Proper Noun) German family name of current F1 champion
    2. (Verb) Making a brilliant start and building a gap over 1 second to your closest driver. “He did a Vettel there, they won’t be able to use DRS”

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