US GP Austin, bring in the track design ideas

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    I have not yet seen a recent forum topic for disccussing possible track designs for the Austin GP.

    Now that we know where it will be held, let all you creative minds give us inspiration for wonderfull track designs.

    I found this idea http://www.formula1journal.com/2010/07/possible-circuit-layout-by-flood1.html wich seems a bit to twisty to me.


    Dan Thorn

    I’d like to to see 7 or 8 fast, sweeping corners. Some which tighten on exit, some which open out, some with difficult cambers, crests and dips. Also the customary long straight into tight hairpin for overtaking. 10 corners maximum over a 4.5 mile track.


    Ned Flanders

    Surely that is not the actual track? It doesn’t look genuine to me…

    I’m hoping that the circuit is something completely unique. You know, either really short or really long, no tight corners, only one straight, banked corners, crossovers and tunnels (ok so these wouldn’t be unique) etc. Although I fear it’ll just be the same old, same old from Tilke



    Yup its a fake



    The design is not a fake, just another try by a fan.



    Here you go Ned is this unique enough for you:

    Not exactly like this but something similar. I would imagine this to be quite a high downforce track. Also skyhooks would need to be invented to keep the track in place. :P


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I know the location says Moscow, but I really like this basic shape:


    Just exaggerate some of the corners a little more, and I think it would be brilliant.




    Not marking it, but the track is supposed to be clockwise and start between 90-degree left and right corners. Turn 3 is going to be fast but tight corner, then series of very fast corners until tight right-hander. Then straight with small kinks but not tight enough to harm overtaking, compare those to Istanbul turn 11. Left and right corners and short straight into another tight corner. Then only one left-hander and we’re back in the main straight.

    Someone on the other forum mentioned the idea of the shape and did my own proposal regarding that.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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