Very interesting article that I can’t read!

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    There’s this (http://plus.autosport.com/premium/feature/5130/why-airline-nightmare-could-hurt-f1/) article on Autosport which I can’t read because I’m not a subscriber. If anyone here can read it, can you copy it to here so that I and everybody else that can’t read can read?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Even if I could copy it over, I wouldn’t. I don’t think Autosport would approve of premium content being copy-pasted onto another forum. It could cause probelms for Keith if that were to happen. I’m afraid you’ll either have to pay up (you can subscribe and get access to everything, or pay per article) or go without.


    Keith Collantine




    Sorry then.



    I’m sure that we can at least talk about the jist of it though – there have been lots of high profile incidents where li-ion batteries (large ones, the sort used in electric vehicles, hybrids, and suchlike) have started fires while under little or no load. It seems likely that it was the cause of the WIlliams fire last year. As a result, major airlines around the world seem to be on the verge of banning these batteries from being put onto planes. The batteries are also very sensitive to salty environments so sea transport is not ideal.

    Basically, since the KERS systems have large li-ion batteries (becoming much bigger and more powerful next year) this could cause a huge logistical problem for F1 which relies on air freight to take it around the world.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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