Is Vettel’s fourth title almost guaranteed?

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    Mike Dee

    I am not @michael but I’ve adjusted the results for the 12th race.

    Over the 5 past seasons here’s where Vettel was by the 12th race:
    In 2009 he had 128 points*, 2 victories, and 6 podiums – 2nd in the WDC
    In 2010 he had 151 points, 2 victories, and 6 podiums – Champion
    In 2011 he had 259 points, 7 victories, and 11 podiums – Champion
    In 2012 he had 140 points, 1 victory, and 4 podiums – Champion
    In 2013 he has 222 points, 6 victories, and 9 podiums – Champion???

    He’s still closing in on 2011′s results. 6 victories versus 7 and 9 podiums versus 11. He’s just 14% off that record dominating season.

    * 2009 points adjusted for new scoring system



    yes it is…



    INIn 2011, he had a flat tire in Abu Dhabi and a gearbox issue in Brazil, and he didn’t win Suzuka (which he loves), so he might still be able to beat his win record of 11 (he would need 5 out of 7 – the asian stint + Abu Dhabi, USA or Brazil).

    But then again, after India last year we also expected a run-away by Red Bull and instead it was McLaren who did best in the last races. The WDC is pretty much guaranteed, but any one at this point claiming we all know what the coming races are going to bring, doesn’t know what he’s talking about.



    Nothing is for sure in F1…………. but for this years title!!

    As a Mark Webber fan I dont wont to see Seb win his fourth title to be honest, but he will, and he very much deserves to!

    It seems to be general concensus that Alonso is the ‘best’ driver on he grid (maybe most talented is a better description)! And he is. So why has he not been WDC since 2006?? Bad luck– yes/maybe!!

    What I dont like in current F1 is the drivers with too many excuses on why they did not win- Alonso is “maximum from the car” and Lewis is “HE in that car is too fast!!”

    Isn’t it time we all realise Vetel is an all time champ- he is up there with Stewart, Prost, Brabham, The Shu, Piquet, Mansell, Surtees, Fangio…… and all others……………………. except Senna the great :)




    Thanks, I was wondering where that came from. It’s sickening. He has averaged 18.5 points per race with a 1-race retirement. Eliminating the retirement, he has scored 20.18 points.

    In 2011, he averaged 21.78 points excluding the 1 retirement at Abu Dhabi.

    @Garns These numbers are not normal – the car AND the driver combined are ridiculously strong. The problem I am having is that I can’t separate Vettel from the car. Is it him, the car, or the two together? I can speculate…


    @garns It’s the car AND Vettel, it’s Vettel AND the car. As I read just yesterday, “it’s circular, it’s bound”, The best drivers get the best cars, and the best car becomes even better when it has the best driver. You listen plenty of times the “Newey is the true WDC champion” stuff, but of course Red Bull needs Vettel to drive the car, and you can see that what Vettel does is not matched, not even close, by Webber, in the same Newey car. Alonso needs a better car? Yes, of course, and so does Lewis, but their lack of a good car doesn’t diminish what Vettel DOES in the car he is given.


    Jon Sandor

    It’s sickening. He has averaged 18.5 points per race with a 1-race retirement. Eliminating the retirement, he has scored 20.18 points.

    Sounds “impressive” rather than “sickening”. And if you look at winning drivers in years past and convert their points to modern ones, I think you’ll find it’s not even all that unusual. I bet Schumie had similar number in 1994 and 95. In 94 he had eight wins in the ten races he entered and completed. He came second in the other two!



    The problem many people have with you and other persistant Vettel-naysayers, is that you only seem to be troubled by the fact you can’t separate Vettel from the car. The same applies to Hamilton. The same applies to Alonso. The same applies to Kimi. The same applies to every (leading) driver. But the only driver you and like-minded people are making a problem of, is Vettel. And in the process, you completely neglect that Hamilton and Alonso and Kimi and Jenson are not driving Caterhams either.


    Jon Sandor

    It seems to be general concensus that Alonso is the ‘best’ driver on he grid

    I don’t know if that’s the case. If it is the case it says much more about the problems in judging drivers on subjective criteria than it does about Alonso as a driver. There’s a reason why the WDC (like all trophies in all real sports) is awarded based on points scored and not on a poll of opinions.




    Sounds “impressive” rather than “sickening”.

    That depends on whether you are a red bull fan or not.


    Jon Sandor

    No, it does not. It only depends on whether you are an F1 fan or not.



    If you can not be impressed by such displays of excellence in sports, you should reconsider what you’re watching the sport for. To imply it is fan-related is simplistic to the point of tunnel vision.



    Red Bull’s and Vettel’s dominance is sickeningly impressive or impressively sickening, whichever you prefer;-)



    Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and Lotus’s consistent inability to mount a viable title campaign, despite in at least three cases, having access to more resources than RBR, is what I’d call sickening. Why do people think that winning is somehow doing something wrong in F1? Like there’s an acceptable number of times you can win in a season, but if you win too many times you’re basically a bad person?

    What complete backwards nonsense. This stupid attitude is what sickens me.



    @freelittlebirds @mnmracer it depends on your PoV – is F1 to you a sport, or a show? Sports should laud excellence – and as such, dominance. Shows should laud excitement, variety and unexpected twists.

    Very different purposes.

    Of course, “sickening” as @freelittlebirds uses is another way of saying “impressive” – because he’s so impressed by the performance of (someone who in his eyes) is the baddie, then it’s sickening. That sick feeling is borne out of being impressed.

    I find it impressive that after the doomsayers were predicting doom and gloom after the RB9 showed in Melbourne as a tyre-hungry quali king, now we’re looking at this season and saying it has been a dominated year.

    And no I’m not a Red Bull fan. I’m a Vettel fan (believe it or not, there’s a difference! I’m a McLaren fan, and Toro Rosso fan when it comes to teams)

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