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Is Vettel’s fourth title almost guaranteed?

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    6 pages in, can I answer the forum topic question yet?


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    @nick. Of course you need luck! hats what I was pointing out. Had Hamilton had the good sort instead of the bad sort last year he’d likely have won. Mclaren threw away both titles. I’m not putting down Vettel, he extracts the maximum out of a stunning car, Webber doesn’t. So that’s credit to Vettel and it looks like yes he’s on to his 4th. Newey designs it, Vettel drives, it, Newey hones it to his style and away they go. You don’t need quite so much luck then.

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    And Alonso needs so much luck because he drives for a poor team and he needs to design his own car? Sure… Double standards are becoming boring.

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    Er….no. Not sure what you’re on about? Ferrari’s not poor. I don’t think I mentioned money?

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    You’re suggesting that Vettel only has to show up and press the right pedal, while whoever you consider a worthy champion really has to struggle and fight for every inch they drive.

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    I don’t mean to suggest that at all. I rate him as one if the top three drivers in the world in the most elite form of motor racing. You have to be very talented and work very hard to get in that position. But I just don’t think there’s any denying that he has the fastest car at the moment (I don’t mean top end power, I mean most driveable and able to sustain the speed over the course of a race).he may not have the fastest next year with all the change coming, we’ll have to wait and see.

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    @mnmracer I think @boris is just saying that Vettel has what is, on average, 2013’s fastest car. I don’t think there’s doubting that at this point. There is no doubt he is an amazing driver – he’s recognised as one of F1’s top 3 at the moment, but you cannot deny that, over a season-so-far average, his car is probably better than the Lotus, Mercedes or Ferrari.

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    Well, Vettel has done it!

    He has beaten his 2011 season in terms of points by winning 9 GPs which is the only way he could have done that as P2 in any of those races would have dropped him from 397 to 390 points.

    He also scored enough points to win the WCC alone as Mercedes which was 2nd in the WCC standings only scored 360 points.

    Over the 5 past seasons here’s where Vettel was by the end of the season:
    In 2009 he had 206 points*, 4 victories, and 8 podiums – 2nd in the WDC
    In 2010 he had 256 points, 5 victories, and 10 podiums – Champion
    In 2011 he had 392 points, 11 victories, and 17 podiums – Champion
    In 2012 he had 281 points, 5 victories, and 10 podiums – Champion
    In 2013 he has 397 points, 13 victories, and 16 podiums – Champion

    There’s actually one stat that he has not improved since 2011 and that’s the number of podiums – 16 in 2013 versus 17 in 2011!

    For the sake of our sanity, let’s hope he doesn’t beat it in 2014:-) Hopefully, he’ll wait a couple of years before breaking that.

    * 2009 points adjusted for new scoring system

Viewing 8 posts - 91 through 98 (of 98 total)

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