Vettel, the humble

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    2 Things to admire from this guy today.

    Here he prefers no to be compared with Senna, as everybody knows how much Senna was for F1. He’s not talking about “keeping the legacy” “the baton” or some kind of nonsense.

    Vettel asks to include Kimi's name too
    Ferrari was (I don’t know how) forgetting to mention Kimi on the board for the photoshoot after the race, so Seb stopped the photo in order to include Kimi. I think that shows real team spirit.

    Yes, I am a fan of him, but even if you are not a fan, it’s, in my opinion, a good way to show respect for Senna, and respect for your teammate.



    The gesture with Kimi was really nice. They do seem to have a special “friendship”.

    Sebastian knows that when you reach Senna, or Schumi, numbers, their achivement and mostly their image as icons is very valuable to the fans.



    I think the main reason some people don’t like Vettel is because of his dominance a few years back. As a person, I think he is a friendly, open and funny guy.



    Well, not talking about it is most certainly the wisest choice. It seems that, no matter what Vettel said, he couldn’t really win that question.

    If he said it doesn’t matter, he’s “disrespecting F1 history”.
    If he said it is an honour for him, he’d risk being forced on the same comparison train Hamilton has pushed himself on.
    If he said it makes him better than Senna (which he is, but I digress), he’d been torn to shreds by the Church of Senna.

    So yeah, being quiet is the best way.



    Personally I don’t think him saying it is an honour should be an issue, because I don’t see how that is drawing comparisons, however I understand that not everybody does see it like that, so you are right, he did the smartest thing to be quiet and respectful.



    It is admittedly unlikely, so “an honour” would have been the best choice had he said something. Probably it would have gone down just fine, but I was thinking potential scenarios as to why comments could backfired, so I allowed myself a bit of hyperbole.



    While agreeing it’s a kind gesture from Vettel to have Kimi’s name on the pit board as well, part of me wonders why Ferrari has him sitting there but hadn’t included his name in the first place. Then again, this is Ferrari, I guess.


    Iestyn Davies

    I think a lot of people tend to forget that Sebastian himself is like one of us, a huge F1 fan at heart. Thus, the reverence he has for the history of the sport, best exemplified when he got tears in his eyes when the BBC played him a montage of his joining all the consecutive world champions at Japan 2011 (BBC Forum).



    It’s nice to see a driver who’s down to earth and not trying to emulate others although I know vettel does like his records…

    Last year onwards I’ve started to like him alot more, even his extra qualifying lap to show off had me smiling this weekend.

    I’ve never disliked him of course but it was harder to support him when he was winning easily.



    I think if you’re really honest there was never reason to dislike him as a person. He has always been thankful, understanding, gentle and kind. The way he also protects his family from the cameras is a big plus for me.



    Not sure what happened with my post above, I posted it on Sunday and it never showed up. Now it’s just appeared.

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