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Video: Massa asked ”Is Fernando really faster than you?”

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    Keith Collantine

    Good answer from Massa when asked Is Fernando really faster than you?”

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    How is lying a good answer?

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    This was from Massa’s event here in Manila last night. That was hilarious. :D

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    Saying it makes it true, right?

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    Maybe Felipe and Fernando can finally become the friends they were before.

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    Force Maikel

    @npf1 But they are the best of friends, really they are

    Look at those two having a nice day at the local Ferrari ammusement park ;-)

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    well he was certainly faster than Alonso at Monza…or did Fernando just make that overtaking move look really easy?

    Profile photo of Michael

    I like it:-)

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    I like it too- it makes the “Multi-21″ incident pretty lame hey!!
    I think this shows the side of the F1 boys that we actually admire very highly- the ultra competitive side that drove them (Pardon the pun) to be able to be one of the best on the planet.

    In the 60’s through to 90’s this went on all the time, but now there are camera’s everywhere so they cant have a slash without someone watching or they are too worried about the PR fallout, hence they are called PR robots these days. I wonder if a ‘paid driver’ is more likley to tow the line after being wronged my a fellow driver as opposed to a Lewis, Seb or Jenson as they are not as fussed pleasing the sponsors ?? :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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