Video: Pastor Maldonado crashes during Venezuela demo

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    Meh. I’ve given Maldonado as hard a time as any about his on track behaviour, but I think he can be forgiven for trying to show off what an awesome machine an F1 car can be and just overcooking it a bit on an undoubtedly very slippery surface.

    As Adam Cooper said on twitter, he’s hardly the first driver to crash his car during a demonstration run (interestingly, he’s removed any and all tweets about the incident; possibly because he thought better of the kinda lame joke he also made about it being Hamilton’s fault?). I mean, the first hit for “F1 car demonstration crashes” videos? That paragon of consistent reliability, quick Nick “safe hands” Heidfeld. It was only last year when Buemi crashed his Red Bull in a demo run.



    I love how you can hear a woman laugh loudly in that first video! Sums it up really well. Here they are at something for the bigger glory of Chaves (and the drivers he is promoting too) to suit his re-election campaign, and one of them crashes the car into a roundabout. Not even his biggest detractor could have made a better effort of a joke at his cost :-)



    It wouldn’t say it was Maldonado’s fault, he had the racing line going into the corner; the kerb wouldn’t yield so it’s a 50/50 racing incident and perhaps the kerb should take most of the blame for this collision.

    Oh wait, according to Pastor it was really Hamilton’s fault, or was that Perez?



    Ahhhhh that’s hilarious. Poor Pastor! I bet he was glad he had a helmet on as he would have no doubt been bright red.



    Keith Collantine

    Sky sent Natalie Pinkham to cover Maldonado’s demo run. Am I being too cynical or is she trying very hard to gloss over the fact that Maldonado shunted the car here?




    No, you’re not being cynical. The whole thing makes her sound like his PR agent, not a journalist.



    Is she suggesting that the run finished early due to the weather!?

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