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Video: Sound of Honda – Ayrton Senna at Suzuka, 1989

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    Avatar of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    Here’s a cool video Honda put on their YouTube channel yesterday. They rigged up speakers and lights around Suzuka to recreate Ayrton Senna lapping the circuit in a McLaren-Honda in 1989:

    There’s also a ‘behind the scenes’ video, but it’s in Japanese:

    Avatar of Meander

    Wow. Nice project. Kind of eerie though!

    Avatar of Max Jacobson
    Max Jacobson

    I agree @meander, very eerie! It must have been surreal being at the track and hearing those characteristic throttle blips once more…

    Avatar of karter22

    That is beyond cool!!!
    Somehow, I feel the Japanese long for Ayrton pretty much in the same way the own Brazilians do. It´s very nice to see that a driver can have such an effect on a whole other culture!
    Props to Honda for doing this!

    Avatar of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    On a very geeky point, the layout of the chicane was different then, so they must have made some kind of change to compensate for that…

    Avatar of ToriLia

    They put up a special site for it to in both Jpn and Eng

    Avatar of Webbo

    Awesome. Just… awesome.
    Bravo Honda.

    Avatar of Trevor Long
    Trevor Long

    Love this series of videos…

    I asked a mate to watch them and translate as best possible.. here’s the output in English:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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