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Video: Vettel’s Singapore 2012 helmet with flashing LEDs

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    Profile photo of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    Sebastian Vettel was wearing a special helmet with flashing LEDs on top during practice at Singapore today:

    Apparently the lights arrangement on top is different constellations of stars.

    Profile photo of damonsmedley

    Ted Kravitz said on Sky that they are the constellations attached to his siblings & parents’ birth dates. Awww…

    Profile photo of Carlitox

    Now that’s something new :O really love it.

    Profile photo of celeste

    I love this helmet… is really cool and nice tip about the constellations @damonsmedley

    Profile photo of matt90

    Almost as gaudy as when Hamilton had one covered in diamonds.

    Profile photo of dot_com

    Wouldn’t it be slightly distracting if that was flashing in your mirrors? You’d almost expect a siren to accompany it.

    Profile photo of James_mc

    Well, I am impressed! I was scathing of the “helmet to mark yet another helmet design design” of the other week – a self-importance piece of ego-feeding.

    However this one is just excellent! Top marks to Vettel!

    An aside – I wonder how this works with respect to the structure of the helmet? (Or indeed driver safety etc., has been noted above the distraction of it!)

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    Finally a good new helmet for Vettel!

    Profile photo of Pelican

    I’m kind of stunned – I wonder how it looks on the racetrack. wrt the structure and safety, the LED’s, battery, and wiring are probably pretty tiny, so it could just sit on top of the outer functional layer, and it wouldn’t be too expensive to crash-test the whole set-up. I think I read that the diamond helmets were for show only, because to use it in a race, they would have to be strength tested diamonds and all.

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    Profile photo of Adam Tate
    Adam Tate

    That’s awesome. People knock Vettel for his antics, all the helmet designs, the dreaded finger, but at least he feels comfortable enough to show off his personality. It adds a bit of character and light hearted fun to the series. Plus LEDs are just cool. They are already set to be the future of every conceivable type of lighting, but for someone to stick em on a helmet is definitely inspired.

    Profile photo of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    Congratulations, Sebastian. You’ve somehow managed to make your helmet designs even tackier.

    Profile photo of Stefan Kelly
    Stefan Kelly

    The problem is that its powered by redbulls KERS… so it won’t last a whole race…

    Profile photo of robk23

    From what I saw in FP2, the LEDs are on top of the helmet and then the top design is a layer of vinyl (or similar) which goes over the top of the LEDs. The top of the helmet was bumpy so this clearly has no effect at all on the structural rigidity.

    Profile photo of Abidal

    Nice helmet, i think this is start of that helmet’s in f-1, or something like this.

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